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Red Sea Sharks: What does “Coke en Stock” mean?

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#31 · Posted: 27 Aug 2005 04:09
Did Michael Turner ever consider something like "The Mysterious Coke"? That would have been just as thrilling with a sudden surprise (no drinks!!) and would have also been more relevant, too.

Anyway, I was surprised to see a book called "Prisoners of the Sun" when I first saw a picture of the cover as a 7-year-old in 1993. I was wondering: "where is that ball of fire?? Isn't that what the Sun is?" Well, I was more ignorant then...
#32 · Posted: 27 Aug 2005 07:45 · Edited by: thundercars
How about 'coke' being short for cocaine? That wouldn't go down very well with the book buying parents, would it?
Not suitable for kids....he
#33 · Posted: 29 Aug 2005 16:50
Either way, dodginess and obscurity. Not good for potential buyers.
#34 · Posted: 30 Aug 2005 12:21
I was under the impression the 'Coke' was a reference to the codename for the slaves?
Sorry if that has already been said!
#35 · Posted: 30 Aug 2005 16:04
How about 'coke' being short for cocaine?

How does this fact apply with other languages (more specifically, how is "cocaine" written in other languages)? If "Coke" and translations of "cocaine" are similar then it may be that Anglo-American cultural norms are more wary of reference to drugs. But there's another point to back that up; "Coke" can also mean Coca Cola, and most languages translate the brand name into something very similar to both "Coke" and "Coca Cola". Maybe it's something about self-censorship in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and perhaps South Africa...

Are other cultures less self-censoring?
#36 · Posted: 21 Sep 2005 19:50 · Edited by: 2Orangy4Crows
heone said
Although there are no actual sharks, at one point someone calls the "badguys" I think, sharks

The Red Sea Sharks
surely refers to Kurt and his submarine. On Pages 51 and 52 the sub uses the codename "Shark". Also the sub appears to be a WW2 German U-Boat (possibly Kurt & Co are ex-Nazis now working as mercenaries for Rastapopoulos?) - IIRC the emblem of the German U-Boat corps was a shark.
#37 · Posted: 21 Sep 2005 21:12
The Red Sea Sharks surely refers to Kurt and his submarine
But wasn't there only one sub in the story? The headline read Pirate Submarine in the Red Sea not Pirate Submarines in the Red Sea. Or perhaps there is a pun going on w/ the sub and that stupid shark (big mouth, small brain, eh?)...
#38 · Posted: 15 Apr 2007 05:06
OK, now I know Coke en Stock is The Red Sea Sharks. But here is my question. Is that French?, because I was quite good at French when I studied it, if I may say so myself, and it, um, doesn't look French.

I know "coke" refers to something coal-related, and I know "en" but "stock"?? Anybody know what Coke en Stock translates to literally? Is this a dumb question?
#39 · Posted: 15 Apr 2007 05:57
"Stock" translates as "supply". So, "Coke en Stock" is anything like "Coal in stock" or "Coal supply".
#40 · Posted: 15 Apr 2007 06:09
alvarolino -- Now I see why the English translators went with Red Sea Sharks instead. :)

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