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Red Sea Sharks: What does “Coke en Stock” mean?

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Isabel a marche sur la lune
#41 · Posted: 15 Apr 2007 08:37
The slave traders on the ship would radio the code 'coke en stock' as a 'codeword' as tintin called it, for saying that the slaves were aboard.

What always confused me is that there aren't any sharks, unless i have missed something? I always thought it was the same as 'The Lake of Sharks' movie, i was SO confused for a good while!
#42 · Posted: 6 Nov 2013 16:59
just for the record, the original Greek title, way back in 1968, was "The Black Cargo" ("To Mauro Fortio"). Later it was translated as "The Red Sea Sharks" ("Oi Karcharies tes Maures Thalassas") but the most recent translation is "Coal in the Hold" ("Karvouno sto Ambari"). Sorry for the slightly irrelevant information, but couldn't resist sharing
#43 · Posted: 25 May 2014 19:57
Tintinologist Michael Farr refers to it as "Land of Black Gold, Part 2."

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