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#41 · Posted: 10 Aug 2005 01:53 · Edited by: ClaroQuerido
I was wondering how completed the 'script' was. I mean, obviously the drawings are nowhere near finished (apart from the first page or so), but how completed was the script? At times it seems like its very raw, for instance when Calculus, the Thompsons and Wagg all appear in quick succession (and no-one even asks where Wagg came from and he doesn't appear again); but it also seems as if he had already decided on the story line as far as he wrote it because there are so few alterations made.

After reading this book (the official unfinished one) I was felt encouraged to draw my own comics, as I have been able to see how Hergé went about creating his. It seems, well, not easy, but 'do-able,' whereas before I would have been pessimstic about my being able to pull off a coherent, competant story.
#42 · Posted: 10 Aug 2005 06:31
I think everything they had regarding the script and drawings went into the book, but they do keep finding new pages.

#43 · Posted: 10 Aug 2005 14:08 · Edited by: jock123
There was no finished script; Hergé’s rough sketches were in effect the script, and he was not through the development process when he died.
UK Correspondent
#44 · Posted: 11 Aug 2005 14:52
The text in the caption box reads :

Painting on the one hand: 'esoteric painting, spatial-temporal, virtuality, painting à la mode'; narcotics on the other: 'heroin, trafficking in the embassy'.

The text continues talking about the Sondenesian embassy, but I assume that the bit quoted was what you were after ?
#45 · Posted: 11 Aug 2005 23:09 · Edited by: yamilah
Thanks for your answer.

The French version has no commas but reads about the same...

Strange to see the most 'clearly delineated' frame of The Alph-art is a painting with a written drawing (see the 'Clear Line bible' thread)...

Still stranger is to see this frame tells about an esoteric painting that implies kind of an initiation...

The omnipresence of counterfeiters and forged paintings in The Alph-art might be a rhetorical device intended to match with and insist on the corpus' many distorted copies, duplications, and avatars...

Herge himself writes about a spatiotemporal* virtuality, which implies that the study of the corpus' "space and time" omnipresent and systematic anomalies might lead to something else*, to something latent, to something potentially disclosable...

But of course, all these coincidences might just be Herge's unconscious at work, lol...

* please search for related threads...
#46 · Posted: 29 Dec 2005 23:57
I think you guys are right, Herge' did know that he was going to die, he thought that he'd finish this story and just keep going on with his carrere.

By the way, does anyone find the sitiouation Tintin gets in to simialr to the plot of the movie "House of Wax". If they was an adventure that parioded that movie, Tintin would probaly be raminded of Alf art.
rue du labrador
#47 · Posted: 31 Dec 2005 16:22
How depresing would it be to read 23 sucessful triumphant adventures to find to main character ends up dead. If I where Herge , killing off Tintin would be like killing his own child, i certainly couldnt do it, do you think herge wouldve have been able to ?
John Sewell
#48 · Posted: 5 Jan 2006 16:13
I tend to feel that Tintin's fate can be overstated. it's sort of apt (in a morbid way) that Herge's passing left his creation trapped and in deadly peril for ever. There can be no escape; the ultimate cliffhanger, and with few clues, all we can do is wonder and speculate how he'd have got out of it.

It's such a deliciously nasty way to be bumped off too! I wonder if the unfinished story would have acquired the same resonance if it had ended at, for example, Tintin being bashed over the head in the factory, or the sequence where the Captain desperately searches for him after the villains shoot at him? Both would have left Tintin's fate in the balance, but being coated in plastic is a lot more bizarre!

I'm also one of those who gets the feeling that this may have been purposely set up as the final adventure. By this time, Herge was wealthy enough and had enough of a free hand not to have to produce any more Tintin if he didn't want to. There are cameos by more old characters that we usually see, wheeled on for one last hurrah (one draft even had the Bird Brothers present at an exhibition - presumably they got released early for good behaviour!)Tintin's also brought full circle - we see him in his original role of reporter / detective for the first time in decades, which also adds to the sense of closure.

With a bit of his usual tightening up of the story, bringing the various threads together, and fixing some of the more implausible bits (such as the unlikeliness of everyone turning up at Marlinspike one after the other on the same night to annoy the Captain!) I still think this could have been a return to form of sorts, after the cool reception Picaros seems to have got. As it is, it's a tantalising glimpse of what we could have had, with a mystery at the end which Tintin fans will probably be debating over for ever!

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