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Flight 714: Marlinspike or Kanrokitoff?

#1 · Posted: 17 Jan 2017 11:08
Here's a little piece of trivia which might appeal to those who love to analyse Tintin down to the tiniest details.

I recently got to read some old Tintin weekly comics which included the original publication of pages 28 and 29 of "Flight 714" and found that Haddock's thoughts and comments on those pages differ between the magazine and the book versions - French and English.

In the English version, when he and Tintin set off to find Carreidas, Haddock is thinking about Marlinspike and what he will do if anyone dares mention travelling again. At that moment he falls down a hole. When Tintin helps him out they both comment on the weird atmosphere they feel coming from it.

This is an almost word-for-word translation of the original French text when it was published in Tintin magazine in 1966-67 - though the magazine version does not include the "weird atmosphere" bit, simply Haddock remarking on the strange object he slipped on.

However, in the French book edition, Haddock's thoughts are very different. They are about sensing a strange presence around him:

"Strange feeling!... Like... ... that of an unseen presence around us... Better keep my eyes peeled!"

before he falls down the hole. Again, when he gets out of the hole, he comments on slipping on a flagstone, but there is no mention of the "weird atmosphere".

It's almost as if, in the French book version, Kanrokitoff is already probing their minds while deciding what to do. It also implies that Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner read both the French magazine and book versions and included elements of both in their English translation. The French and English books were published almost a year after the magazine version.

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