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King Ottokar's Sceptre: How does Tintin find out?

#1 · Posted: 17 Aug 2017 02:35
I have always been super confused by how Tintin finds out the plot to steal the sceptre. There are many valuable things in Syldavia (ie. Castafiore's jewels) so how did he figure out the whole plot?
#2 · Posted: 18 Aug 2017 02:12
When Tintin offered to be his secretary Professor Hector Alembick may have told him that they would be going to the castle where the archives were stored and that these would be in the same part of the castle where the crown and spectre were kept.

During the journey to Syldavia, Tintin reads in a brochure on page 21 that if the King loses his sceptre and does not have it to show the crowds on the Day of St Vladimir, then he would be compelled to step down from the throne.

Since the Day of St Vladimir was due soon (it takes place about 6 days after Tintin's arrival in Syldavia) he may have concluded that the sceptre was the plotters' objective.
#3 · Posted: 18 Aug 2017 02:34
I feel like Herge should have given more definite clues towards the plot, but for now I guess this is a good enough explanation. Thank you!

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