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Secret of the Unicorn: Tintin’s right to the scrolls?

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et tu Tintin
#11 · Posted: 15 Jun 2006 12:38
A property is heritable. I'm an underwriter and have underwritten mortgages and insurance for years. I remember once a client buying a property in Scotland and he noticed a valuable "item" that wasn't listed specifically in the sale but came with the property in the sale under the words "and all therein". He bought the property and sold the item (a chandelier believe it or not) for almost a quarter what he paid for the property. In additon, if you buy a property without checking it out you can buy a heritable debt owed on the property (to the state for example).

Treasure isn't illegal. unlicenced guns, drugs and stolen items are and these would have been removed by the police before the property was sold. As I mentioned the propery was sold at auction and unlike a managed sale there is not always an inventory of items, you take as seen and make your own investigations.

You are right, the Crown does have a claim on all treasure found in the UK but it has to prove it has a claim first of all and to do this, it has to prove cultural, historical or personal (e.g royal family) rights. The treasure wasn't "hidden" per se, Sir Francis Haddock simply kept it in a safe place in his own home.

Although the treasure is known to come from piracy I'm sure the items didn't have the owners name etched on them and so finding out who it belonged to would have been impossible. Chances are a settlement or agreement would have been reached with regard to the treasure.

But if you do buy a property and you find a picasso in the attic, as long as you paid for it fair and square, it is yours provided it wasn't previously stolen. But then that goes for everything not just treasure.

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