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Hergé: His personal politics and religion?

#1 · Posted: 1 Oct 2008 20:21
I've been rereading through all the Tintin volumes and it's quite obvious that Hergé infused a lot of his political views into Tintin, but I've been curious to find out more about his political and religious views, but I've found nothing on the net.

So I was wondering if anyone here had some info.

Thanks :)
#2 · Posted: 9 Jan 2009 23:55
Herge and Tintin had a long life, and you can't summarize with one stance a lifelong path of evolutions. He had a very bourgeois and catholic background, and this can be felt in his early works, but the Picaros's Herge/Tintin is not the Soviet's. I don't think you can attribute "one" political/religious view to a man's life, and to a lifelong series of works.

You may want to find a translation of Numa Sadoul's excellent interviews with Herge (published as "Tintin et moi" and republished as "Entretiens avec Herge", in french). Herge tells a bit of his life, his changes, and his conscious struggles with an education he never totally manages to overcome. The guy was a very interesting guy.
#3 · Posted: 10 Jan 2009 03:07
The DVD of the documentary Amilah recommends is available at PBS.org. If I had some disposable income, I'd gladly invest in it. :)
#4 · Posted: 10 Jan 2009 06:22
Is Tintin et Moi (the book) ever going to be translated into English?
Herge was Catholic but as an adult got into Easter Mysticism and New Age beliefs (judging by biographies on him).

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