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List of unofficial Tintin books

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#1 · Posted: 1 Nov 2005 20:29 · Edited by: midnightblueowl
There must be 100s of unofficial Tintin stories. I am trying to compile a list of them. As long as we don't say where to get them, can anyone add to my list, so we can have a huge list:
-Breaking free
-Tintin in Thailand by bud weyser
-Tintin in Irak by bud weyser
-Tintin in the new world
-Tintin and the flute of the wendigo by Conlan
-Tintin in Australia by Conlan
-Tintin in Switzerland by Calico
-Tintin in Paris by Calico
-Tintin and alph-art by Ramo Nash
-Tintin and Alph-art by Rodier
-Tintin and the sorcerors lake by Rodier
aka the sorcerors beast/the witches beast
-Tintin freelance reporter for the 20thC by Rodier
-A day at the airport by Rodier
-Tintin in Tibet p.27b by Rodier
-Tintin and the thermozero by Rodier
-les disparus de moulinsart by Hefce
-les disparus de moulinsart by Hero
-les disparus de moulinsart by Jehem
-Tintin in El-Salvador
-les harpes de Greenmore
-Pinpin in the country of the twaddles
-The enigma of the 3rd message
-The small 1 25th
-Tintin in Chile
-UFO 666 for Vanatu
-Tintin in the Gulf
-Dindin and the secret of Moulinsal
-Dindin in the land of rock'n'roll
-Tintin with tien year men
-The road of the sun
-The gold of Orduentinos
-The death of the master
-The great secrecy
-The mystery of the golden fleece by Somon
-The trap borders by Som.
-Mysterious flights by Som.
-Homage to Herge and Rockwell by Som.
-Adventure with Moulinsart
-Tintin in loft story
-Tintin at the rastas
-The business K
-Tintin en Bordelie
-Zinzin maitre of the world by Exem
-The twin malefic by Exem
-Make your wishes by Exem
-The voice of the lagoon by Harry Edwards
-The rock of the kangaroos by Harry Edwards
-The O-light project by Harry Edwards
-Stoppover at Biarattz by Harry Edwards
-Prisoners of the red planet by R. Skoryak
-The exorcism of the Thompsons by Moerell
-The adventure of Tintin by Jalette
-Tintin in Barcelona
-Taka de Tintin
-Tintin and the psychiatrist
-Tintin and green warehouses by Lorente
-Tintin and the maquis
-The rake sleeps by Ribiere
-Ready man by Ribiere
-Havelock with the rescue by bashi-bazouks
-Tintin in Hollywood by bashi bazouks
-TNT counters mr.George by bashi bazouks
-TNT in America by bashi bazouks
-Calculus and the hydrotryphonar by eye of pirate
-Mysterious flight by eye of pirate
-Jewels of Castofiore by eye of pirate
-Tintin and me by remi lucas
-Tintin in Bongo by remi lucas
-One walks on lights cigar by remi lucas
-Adventures in the alps by remi lucas
-Tintin,Dracula,Sigmeund Freud and others by remi lucas
-The friend of the patro
-Misfortunes of Milou by Giard
-Tintin and his dinky toy by Giard
-Tintin at krazy-kat by Giard
-Torpedo black by Giard
-A sweater crado for a villain by Giard
-Tintin and the dead skeleton by Giard
-The grand secret by Marco
-T1 Mysterious flights by Marco
-T2 the revelation by Marco
-T3 the heir by Marco
-The death of the master by LPA
-The treasure of the Nazis by LPA
-Crowned jade by LPA
-1 kidnapped Bianca Castafiore by LPA
-Heat equator
-Krof Krof in Congo
-Rubber patch
-Tintin versus Batman by Hergi
-The eye of the pirate by Hergi
-The improbable adventure by Hergi
-Tintin in Vietnam
-Tintin in Syldavia
-Tintin against Guepeou

The books with the illustrations most like Herge's are:prisoners of the red planet,les disparus from moulinsart by Hefce and tintin and the sorcerors lake.

I will try and find more but it will take me quite a long time. Can anyone else help?
#2 · Posted: 2 Nov 2005 18:08
Turkish-made Tenten adventures(from Burhan Yayınevi) : unofficial albumsgenerally
*İstanbul'da (In Istanbul)
*Marmara Canavarı (Monster of Marmara)
*Afrika'da (In Africa)
*Merihe Gidiyoruz (We Are Going to Mars)
*Uğursuz Film (Cursed Film)
*Esrarlı Sirk (Mysterious Circus)
*Asiler Arasında (Among Rebels)
*Perili Dağ (Haunted Mountain)
*Yamyamlar Arasında (Among Cannibals)
#3 · Posted: 6 Nov 2005 07:51
By the way, I am very curious about the turkish pirates! Güzel midir?
Güzeldir. Genel olarak güzeller.

Once in one of my replies for a topic I had written my website’s address (which consists of some sample pages of the albums I mentioned), because of rules the address was deleted.

I do not want to go out of the topic (list of unofficial books), I can give a few details;
If I make a rating for 24 official albums; give 20 points for the best album (for ex.; to Black Island) and 10 points for my least favorite album, my points for unofficial albums I had written will be;

*İstanbul'da (In Istanbul)-8
*Marmara Canavarı (Monster of Marmara)-3
*Afrika'da (In Africa)-3
*Merihe Gidiyoruz (We Are Going to Mars)-9
*Uğursuz Film (Cursed Film)-7
*Esrarlı Sirk (Mysterious Circus)-6
*Asiler Arasında (Among Rebels)-7
*Perili Dağ (Haunted Mountain)-5
*Yamyamlar Arasında (Among Cannibals)-4

I did not watch the Golden Fleece movie yet but if I do not know it wrong Tenten İstanbul’da is the book (b&w) of Golden Fleece movie. (If it is so, can we say that the book ‘Tenten İstanbul’da’ is an official book?)

With a few sentences about some of these albums;
In ‘We are going to Mars’ Tintin, Milou, Captain and Calculus are travelling to Mars. In Mars they see a civilisation with an advenced tecnology, but the people live as in the medievial ages. ...

In ‘Marmara Monster’ Tintin, Captain and Milou (in this album Milou’s name is Hazelnut, sometimes used as a name for tiny dogs in Turkey) come to İstanbul (to Burgazada, one of the Prince Islands) for holiday. (Somehow the twins join them later) Of course it will not be a holiday for them. They will investigate drug traffic of a dangerous network.

'Tintin in Barcelona' is 'Blue Oranges', isn’t it?
#4 · Posted: 6 Nov 2005 13:52
I would add TINTIN’S ODEYSSEY (Punch 1983), TINTIN IN LEBANON, TINTIN IN THE LAND OF FERVOUR (not a pastiche but an essay) to this list.
#5 · Posted: 5 Dec 2005 19:37
I have found out about 3 books by Harry Edwards; Tintin in Bakers street, Tintin in the land of the whodunnit, and Tintin and Jules Verne. I think that they are only in french.
UK Correspondent
#6 · Posted: 6 Dec 2005 00:24
I have found out about 3 books by Harry Edwards; Tintin in Bakers street, Tintin in the land of the whodunnit, and Tintin and Jules Verne. I think that they are only in french.

I don't think Harry Edwood wrote them, they're sort of critical analysis books. He just drew the cover art - and mighty fine cover art, too.
#7 · Posted: 7 Mar 2006 15:25
When I went to Canada last year, I saw a cover which I did not know until then. Looked like it could have been made by Harry Edwood. It was very well done and showed tintin in norway. Sadly, I was not able to find out who has drawn it. Has anyone seen it,too? It looked fantastic...
#8 · Posted: 9 Mar 2006 14:50
I would add KUIFJE IN ROTTERDAM (TINTIN IN ROTTERDAM, 1977, JOOST SWARTE) and especially KUIFJE IN DE FRIT-O-MATIC (Tintin in the frit-o-matic), highly sought after in Holland, limited edition of only 50. Contains a cd-rom with dozens of sketches of Herge, most of it never published before, including an extremely funny serial of 4: Tintin struggling with his JEANS...
#9 · Posted: 10 Mar 2006 12:01
There is also 'TumTum and the Forged Expenses' by Rian Hughes
#10 · Posted: 11 Mar 2006 12:41 · Edited by: andrea
Hello I think you have missed out a book that is Tintin and the Lake of Sharks though maybe you have excluded it because it was a (disney???) film production.


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