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Tintin and the Flute of the Wendigo

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#11 · Posted: 27 Apr 2012 00:28 · Edited by: Moderator
I recently read an online pdf of The Flute of the Wendigo. It was a fan-made comic featuring the characters of Tintin, much like the Lake of Sharks. However, I won't link to the website to keep Tintinologist on the web. But I have a few questions to those who have maybe read this book, or have information on fan-made Tintin books.

1. The second part was left unfinished. Presumably, the website it was being written on was shut down for obvious copyright reasons. Does anyone know of the website this was posted?

2. There are other fan-made books on the secret website. Many of them have seals from being on the Cult of Tintin. Does anyone have any info on this?

3. The second part was left unfinished. Is there any chance that it could be finished somewhere?

If you have any answers regarding these questions, The Flute of the Wendigo, or fan-made books in general, please post. I didn't link to the website for copyright reasons and hopefully so that the Moderators won't take this topic down.

Moderator Note: Please do a forum search before posting - there was an existing thread about the book, and your post has been moved here.

Some notes on your questions:
1) If responding to question 1, remember not to give links to it, or any related sites. You can say things like, “Yes I remember it, it was taken down due to a lawyer’s request”, or whatever is appropriate. You cannot say things like, “You will find it at this link”, or, “The content was made available on another site, at this link”.

2) The Cult of Tintin was a very early version of what is now Tintinologist - nobody involved in running it now was on board then; there were copyright issues at the time, but these were resolved, and Tintinologist was the replacement.

The Tintinlogist Team

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