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“Tintin in the New World: A romance”: A novel by Frederic Tuten

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#51 · Posted: 29 May 2007 16:54
Nicely put.
#52 · Posted: 31 May 2007 11:43 · Edited by: sliat_1981
You are wrong. It seriously damaged my view of Tintin. I never looked at Tintin exatly the same way. I never thought about his penis until Tuten's dreadful novel. The cover gave no indication. It shows a knife being thrown at him, that would sence that it would be another battle against good. Funnily enough the jacket for the book tell of this as Tintin's greatest "adventure" yet. I don't think this was an "adventure". What was adventurous about it? Who sent him the letter? Does he meet them or not when he gets there? Are these characters the ones who sent it? Would Tintin really go to a country by reading a letter that doesnt really explain anything at all, but just says, at the end "go there now"? Does he even try to see who sent him the letter? What exactly is his point in being there?
Change the names of the characters and you would never think of Tintin at all reading this novel. The characters do not resemble Tintin or his friends in the slightest. This story has no place with Tintin.
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#53 · Posted: 31 May 2007 12:13
I read somewhere that the Roy Lichtenstein painting used on the cover was inspired by the scene in Broken Ear (page 8) where Ramon Bada tries to hit Tintin with a throwing knife. Not exactly sure that is the case, and I can't seem to find the places I read it.
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#54 · Posted: 31 May 2007 13:14
Funnily enough the jacket for the book tell of this as Tintin's greatest "adventure" yet. I don't think this was an "adventure". What was adventurous about it?

I'd imagine that the 'adventure' referred to the events of Tintin's inner life - his experience of love for the first time and the possible future that's presented in the dream sequence. After having experienced sex for the first time, he ends up committing murder and then taking his own life. It's not an adventure like Hergé would have written, but Tintin's quest for inner peace following his sexual awakening and the inevitable end to his life must surely count as an adventure.

The letter that you referred to was a MacGuffin, a plot device to get the characters to Peru. It's been a long time since I've read the book - did the Lieutenant not send the letter? I seem to vaguely recall that; was it not something to do with Tintin being the Jaguar Prince?
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#55 · Posted: 31 May 2007 14:02
I've just checked the book, and the letter was anonymous and sent from Brussels. I vaguely remember hearing that it was supposed to be from Hergé, although I can't remember where I've got that idea from.
#56 · Posted: 31 May 2007 15:54
It was from Herge! It indicates that Tintin could set off on another journey himself. His search for adulthood. I must confess, there are alot of cliffhangers here and there. I took Tintin in the novel as a different person. I treat him like any other Tony or Martin or Scott or even Roy. It's like about a personal and internal struggle. silat_1981, every person have different views of this and that, we like this car or that car or even something else. I think Tintin was a young orphan. Living in cold shelter. He witnessed many events that hurt his young soul and heart. Poor being insulted by the rich, school kids beating up eldery, street fights, police chases, fires and gun battles here and there. He felt that he wants to change the world. That made me think about when Tintin first met Snowy. Snowy could have found Tintin when he was a stray puppy or Tintin found Snowy when Snowy was abused by some schoolkids. That's when their bonds and freindships comes in. They are like friends till the end. Part of the book told about Tintin forcing himself to seperate from Snowy. Snowy was sad as he lived a good life with Tintin. Haddock loves Snowy through the course of the series. I'm touched.

Edit: Posted: 2 Jun 2007 06:02:29

Richard: After having experienced sex for the first time, he ends up committing murder and then taking his own life.

It's not that Tintin murdered Herr Pepperkorn. He was stunned. Tintin was jealous at him as Herr Pepperkorn fed Tintin with 'poisonous' information that stuns his love for Clavdia. Probably because Herr Pepperkorn don't want Tintin to marry Clavdia or just immature in his own words. During the dream chapter, Tintin experienced Herr Pepperkorn being an enemy and came to Marlinspike just to see Tintin in chaos and lonliness. Tintin had been jealous to Pepperkorn. That's what he thinks in his soul.

Like some of you said, Tintin is in the midst of an internal struggle for peace but he didn't found it and just commit suicide. Tuten's crazy with his book and suggest that he do careful research in order to pull out a great book that would sastify people like silat_1981. Now, Calculus is not mentioned in the book. I think he may have died before the begining of that tragic 'death' story of Tintin.

P.S: I hate it!!!!!
#57 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 11:19 · Edited by: sliat_1981
Yeah I'm not surprised if Calculus was dead in the novel. He enjoyed the fantasy of killing Haddock in the dream sequence, then joyfully killed of Tintin. It seems he hated Herge's creations and wanted them off the scene forever.
I can't wait to see his new novel, Yogi Bear in the New world. Now we can read about Yogi masturbating and having sex!
#58 · Posted: 15 Aug 2007 23:33
I have not read it,i was searching for it but it was useless.I know what the plot is about,but someone tell me,please, is it true that besides Tintin many other characters die?Like Snowy and the Captain?Did the book ended where Tintin kills himself,or something else hapeneded after he was dead?Where also the other main characters in this book?(Castafiore,the Thompsons,Nestor,Calculus...etc)
And really how is Clavdia portrayed?How does she looks like?Is she a Lady?A tomboy? Well, basically everything about this woman,when she first appears and the last time she is in the book(or mentioned)
If you could answer me all these questions,thank you very much.Sorry if you find it annoying,but this book isn´t very famous,so I couldn´t find it in book shops and I could only one the basic plot in Internet:
Only that Tintin goes to South America and says goodbye forever to Haddock and Snowy;He is the jaguar prince,posses magic powers and falls in love for the first time¨Nothing else, I find out no more.
#59 · Posted: 16 Aug 2007 08:06
Mirirocks67, if you visit Singapore Libarys, every single library under the National Libary Board of Singapore have at least 1-3 copies of the book. I was thinking of an pastiche to write for enjoyment and this book appeared. Now Clavdia on the other hand is a sexy, posh woman and Herr Pepperkorn's daughter. I myself had a bad dream of Tintin being seduced by Clavdia. For Snowy, he's just neutral. The part of Tintin saying farewell to all his comrades was one heartbreaking part of the story. Tintin died because Herge died. I think that is how Tuten felt while concluding tis 'sexy' epic. Only Tintin, Snowy and Haddock appeared with cameos of characthers from Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain. I found myself to have red an excerpt of this book in frot of my own class!! What a dissapointment!
#60 · Posted: 16 Aug 2007 11:42
Ah,well thank you very much,tintinspartan,maybe i´m going to search for it one more time.
Ah,and last question,how is the illustration of the book?Is it bad?
Is it possible,for one time,if you could downloaded a pic on this page?Only to see how is the art in this book.
Now I´ve been reading posts threads,I don´t this is a bad book,the bad thing is that Moulinsart has put like a work from Hergé.And the story shoudn´t get involved with Tintin characters.

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