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Why ban Tintin fan fiction?

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#51 · Posted: 2 Oct 2016 11:03 · Edited by: jock123
All the characters belong to Hergé. They will always belong to Hergé

Yes, and because they belonged to Hergé, he wanted to keep them that way. Using something that belongs to someone else is taking it away from that person.

Hergé even loved fan art

Err, no, he didn't - he was never keen on it. It's one of the reasons he was so particular that he didn't want anyone else drawing Tintin, even when he was alive.

As I have said before, he might have been flattered by the attention, but he always advised the artist that they should be doing and creating their own, new characters.
If Hergé had devoted his time to drawing fan art of the characters he liked, we wouldn't have Tintin...

He just didn't want people to keep doing Tintin after his death.

So you are advocating people doing more Tintin, but telling us that you know Hergé wouldn't want it to happen? It seems to contradict what you are saying, don't you think?
#52 · Posted: 11 Apr 2017 03:52

I know this comment is old, but really? He didn't like fanart? Are you sure?
I would find that out of Hergé's character. I mean what about the kids? Are you saying he would throw away their fanart? I mean I get where you coming from, but I find it kind of rude if he never appreciated the kids or adults' fan work. I understand Tintin is his work, but really?

Your last reply I'm confuse at. Advocating what? I would love more Tintin, but that might never happen due to his wishes.
#53 · Posted: 11 Apr 2017 17:33
He didn't like fanart? Are you sure?

Yes, as far as can be told - as I said before, he was flattered, but he thought the effort would be better put into creating something new and original.

I would find that out of Hergé's character.

Why would or should it be out of character? He didn't ask for it, so his opinion was entirely his own.

Are you saying he would throw away their fanart?

You are putting words into my mouth there, which is going a bit far; I have no idea what, if anything, he did with it.

I find it kind of rude if he never appreciated the kids or adults' fan work.

Why should it be "rude"? If I sent you something you didn't want and never asked for, would it be rude of you to say you didn't want it and never asked for it? It's simply the truth.

Actually, if you've read what I wrote on the subject before, he did appreciate the effort - he would often write back and thank the sender for sending it: but usually with the advice that they did their own thing in the future.

Advocating what? I would love more Tintin

"Advocating" means speaking up in favour of something. You seem to want more Tintin to be done, and to be saying that it should be done, while still maintaining that the wishes of Hergé should be respected. To me you can't ever do both.

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