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Q205: A dangerous item?

#1 · Posted: 2 May 2007 13:50
In the course of the Tintin books, two baddies' noses, one baddie's eye, one goodie's throat and the back of another goodie's head are all assaulted by the same type of item. This type of item, often Portugese in origin, is not designed to hurt people at all; in fact it's designed to facilitate happiness. What is it?
#2 · Posted: 2 May 2007 14:07
Hey, what on earth by Tintin's quiff is that? Well, what do you mean at first, Balthazar. Oh.. Now 1 get it. A cork. A cork hit Sponsz's eye, a cork went straight down through Haddock's throat but the noses part I can't recount. Well it's a Cork.
#3 · Posted: 2 May 2007 14:23 · Edited by: Balthazar
Well done, tintinspartan - you've got it! (And in only seventeen minutes.) A champagne cork, to be precise.

Actually Sponsz gets hit in the nose by the champagne cork. It's Allan who gets hit in the eye, after he blows up the hold door in The Crab with the Golden Claws. And the other assaulted nose I was referring to is that of his crew member, which gets hit by a cork a few seconds later. And Snowy gets hit on the back of the head by the cork which is knocked from Haddock's throat in Destination Moon.

However, these slight errors and absenses of detail don't really matter in this case, since my question only asked what the item was. You correctly worked that out, so the point and the next question-setting duties are yours, tintinspartan.
#4 · Posted: 2 May 2007 14:41
Quercus Suber! Late again!

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