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Hergé named in Blake & Mortimer

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Harrock n roll
#21 · Posted: 6 Feb 2007 22:34
I'll go to the library!

You should also look for Hergé: Chrononlogie d'un œurvre 4 (1939-1943). It contains the page from the making of book, which is actually just a schematic for the layout with cut-outs from the Petit V. pages. But it does have a previously unpublished extract from the abandoned Cigars - an interesting attempt to recreate the naive style of the earlier version. The book also includes the inks and colouring for the redrawn colour cover to the b/w Cigars and a nice colour image used for a jigsaw puzzle.

Speaking of "œurvre", the "& Ca" image looks to me more like Cœ, (with an o and an e stuck together). It's known as an œthel in English. "Hergé & Cœ" is actually close to the way some people in Britain would pronounce "Hergé & Co"!
Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#22 · Posted: 6 Feb 2007 23:01
You should also look for Hergé: Chrononlogie d'un œurvre 4 (1939-1943)

Do you have the page reference? I had a quick look earlier but must have missed it.

Harrock n roll
#23 · Posted: 7 Feb 2007 01:38
Do you have the page reference?

With pleasure Ed, it was page 390 for the schematics and 394 for the unpublished Cigars strip. I think the 1943 hieroglyphs (in the jigsaw image on page 333 and the earlier cover p.241, etc) are far less detailed compared to the 1955 version. However, you get the sense that the 1943 drawings had more Hergé input and, although I'm sure for the later edition Hergé sketched it out and had final say, the later details were quite likely filled in by someone else at the studio.

It would be nice if it really was Jacobs (he seems the obvious candidate), but I suppose it could have been any of the designers that worked for Hergé in c.1955.

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