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Help! My Tintin is running out!

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#11 · Posted: 22 Mar 2011 13:27
Seems I need to spend some time to find something, or buy a lottery first!

When I said "lottery win", I meant for the book "Z is for Zorglub" which is so rare these days that it is highly priced.

The books from the Indian seller flipkart.com come to about Rs. 199 each, which are about US$5.

If you do decide to buy some of them, it would be best to read them in chronological order, in order to best understand the characters and how they met:

1. "The Wizard Of Culdesac"
2. "The Black Hats And Three Other Adventures"
3. "Spirou And The Heirs"
4. "The Marsupilami Robbers"
5. "The Horn Of The Rhinoceros"
6. "The Dictator And The Mushroom"
7. "A Head For Crime"
8. "The Morays Hideout"
9. "Pirates Of Silence And Superquick"
10. "The Gorilla Gold Adventure"
11. "The Prisoner Of Buddha"

#12 · Posted: 15 Nov 2011 07:41
Have you tried Terry and the Pirates? It's a classic adventure strip that starts just before WWII by Milton Caniff. You can probably get them at Amazon, but if you want to support a small business, try Tony Raiola at Pacific Comics Club (it's online.)

He's been in business for decades and he has stacks of classic adventure comics. Radio Patrol! Red Ryder! Captain Easy! Buz Sawyer! Flash Gordon (bet you heard of him!) and even vintage Mickey Mouse strips, from back when ol' Mick was an adventurous sort.

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