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[Closed] What is Hergé: Chronologie d'un Œuvre

#1 · Posted: 10 Sep 2004 12:02
Sorry to be a bit naive here, but I know virtually nothing about this. What exactly is it?
Belgium Correspondent
#2 · Posted: 10 Sep 2004 19:48
"Chronologie d'une oeuvre" are books about the work of Hergé , presented in chronological order, starting with his first drawings. You won' find the Tintin stories themselves but lots of details about scenarios, various versions, unpublished drawings,and full of other things.
#3 · Posted: 10 Sep 2004 23:10
I think it is a real pity that they don’t contain the books - I rather hoped they would, as I thought they were meant to be exhaustive. I would have been more than happy to get the albums from sketches through to finished art-work. Ah well, let’s hope that they get around to doing sketch versions of the albums where possible someday.
#4 · Posted: 20 Mar 2006 21:51
These books go for £50 cheapest and are really chunky. Currently there are 5. If you live in England, you can get the 1st one in Ottokars books. It is cheaper to get the 'archives Herge' or 'Rombaldi collection' from eBay. Archives Herge, has photos Herge worked from as well as Totor and other early stories as well as black and white Q and F. They go for around £10 each. The Rombaldi collection is made up of 13 leather volumes, in french and they contain pretty much all Herge's works ever, except 'they explored the moon'. They even have the rare 'Thompson and Thomson adventure. The first volume has the complete Totor, the adventure of Flup, Nenesse, et Puchonnet, the adventures of Zig and Puce, Tintin in the land of the Soviets, and Tintin in Congo. They go for around £25 each.
Belgium Correspondent
#5 · Posted: 22 Mar 2006 04:57
"they contain pretty much all Herge's works ever, except 'they explored the moon'.

If you mean the 4 pages made by Herge for the magazine "Paris-Match", they are well published in the Rombaldi nr 8.

"the adventure of Flup, Nenesse, et Puchonnet"

are not present but well Flup, Nenesse et Cochonnet.

"the adventures of Zig and Puce"

???? Zig and Puce are not characters from Herge but from Alain Saint Ogan. In the 30's, Herge, who admired Saint Ogan, who introduced balloons in his stories (one of the first in Europe), went To Paris to visit him. He gots a signed page of Zig and Puce.You can see this page in "Le monde d'Herge" from Peeters.

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