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Black Island: Unusual serigraph poster - information wanted

#1 · Posted: 13 Jan 2015 16:54 · Edited by: Moderator
I wonder if anyone has any info on a poster for The Black Island which I have seen.

Moderator Note: Given the the way in which the site you linked to uses quantities of images, we have had to remove the link; the Catawiki auction linked to below contains a similar item to the one you linked to, so that will let members see the picture concerned.

According to another site, the artwork was made for a puzzle in 1947.
There's a limited edition lithograph from 1988 and 1990.
Per this auction on Catawiki, the 1988 lithograph version is worth a few hundred dollars.

#2 · Posted: 13 Jan 2015 21:34 · Edited by: Moderator
The one on Catawiki is a limited edition lithograph. The poster in question is a regular poster, as described below:
- 33"x25"
- The same artwork as the lithograph on Catawiki
- "The Black Island" in large print below the artwork
- "- Hergé - The Adventures of Tintin -" in smaller type below the title
- "The Black Island (copyright) Hergé Moulinsart. Published by Bulfinch Press / Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Toronto, London" in small type along the bottom edge

Any ideas? Thanks.

Moderator Note: Your further post to an image was removed as that site hosted images of pirate albums. You should also avoid making consecutive posts where possible, as this can be seen a thread bumping.

The Tintnologist Team
#3 · Posted: 14 Jan 2015 09:25
Any ideas? Thanks.

I'm not sure what information it is that you are looking for? You have provided information about the source of the image (the jigsaw puzzle), the two different editions of the art as serigraph and poster, the size of the poster, and the dates. You know that there is one for sale on Catawiki, and you have an idea of the price there (I think you'd need to gauge the results of a few sales before fixing an estimate of "a few hundred dollars" for it; the Catawiki one you mentioned hasn't reached that as yet, and there's nothing to show that this isn't an anomaly - indeed, it could be a very low price, but without other examples it isn't possible to tell).

Anyway, what you have written seems to me a pretty comprehensive review of the situation, so what could people add?
Mikael Uhlin
#4 · Posted: 14 Jan 2015 18:55
I wanna add that it's a beautiful picture! ;-)
#5 · Posted: 20 Jan 2015 21:09
Does anyone know when this poster was produced and for what purpose? Since it has a publisher's data at the bottom, maybe the poster was promoting a re-release...

Please note the related item on Catawiki is a lithograph and I'm interested in the poster. Also note that I erred in my description of the Catawiki auction results. Thanks to jock123 for pointing that out.
#6 · Posted: 20 Jan 2015 23:27
Ah, I see the question now...! :-)

They weren't produced for any specific purpose, but purely as decorative images to hang on a wall; this has been quite common for Hergé images over the years.

I don't think there is any specific way in which they are done, or pattern to the way the images used have been chosen.

The design of the posters (serigraph is just a fancy term for screen-print, to make high-quality posters) has varied widely over the years - as you can see between the two versions of the same image, even that changed; so they don't form a uniform set.

Most of the ones I've seen have been taken from books, rather than from other sources such as puzzle designs or illustrations from the magazine; they would take one album a year, select maybe four images or so, set them in a decorative border, and add the name of the album as a sort of caption. I also have a vague notion that while they were doing it this way, other merchandise for that year, such as stationery, calendars and diaries might be themed in a similar way.

Hope that helps!

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