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Giving away four hardcover Tintin books, including "Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin"

#1 · Posted: 31 Dec 2016 04:58
Hi everyone,

In the course of clearing out some old childhood items, I came across four hardcover Tintin books, that I'd like to send to a good home, rather than put them in the trash.

The titles are:

[imgs=http://kanzakura.net/images/IMG_6422.JPG]- Tintin Au Congo (French version of Tintin in the Congo, Hardcover 1974 printing)[/imgs]

[imgs=http://kanzakura.net/images/IMG_6421.JPG]- Vol 714 Pour Sydney (French version of Flight 714, Hardcover 1968 printing)[/imgs]

[imgs=http://kanzakura.net/images/IMG_6419.JPG]- Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin (French, Hardcover 1980)[/imgs]

[imgs=http://kanzakura.net/images/IMG_6420.JPG]- Harrap's Tintin Illustrated Dictionary (French-English dictionary, Hardcover 1989)[/imgs]

All titles are in very good condition, with two exceptions:
- Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin has an inscription on the first page.
- Harrap's Tintin Illustrated Dictionary has some damage to the spine, but not critical.

All titles are in French, except for Harrap's Tintin Illustrated Dictionary which obviously has both English and French.

I'm looking to give these away to a good home, and happy to post to anywhere in the world, if you can cover the postage costs.

Please let me know, as these fine items will unfortunately have to be thrown out if I can't find anyone interested in having them.

#2 · Posted: 2 Jan 2017 16:02
I'd be very interested in the Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin, but don't know how much that would entail in postage; where would you be sending it from, please?
#3 · Posted: 2 Jan 2017 16:43
Will be sending from Singapore. If you let me know where you are located I'd be happy to work it out.

However, I would prefer to ship all four books as a set.

#4 · Posted: 3 Jan 2017 14:47
If you let me know where you are located I'd be happy to work it out.

Can you let me have an e-mail address, and I'll send you details? Best to do this off forum.
If you write it out, e.g. forname <dot> surname <at> mailcompany <dot> com, it shouldn't be picked up by spam bots.
My worry is the dictionary would make it very heavy, even at a printed paper rate; but we can look into that.
Many thanks!
#5 · Posted: 5 Jan 2017 12:48
I'd be keen as well. And would only need local delivery to singapore. Happy to take all four books. In fact, could arrange for pickup if easier.

Let me know.

#6 · Posted: 8 Jan 2017 10:15
Thanks guys. I think the right thing to do is give jock123 first refusal, as he did express interest first. My email address is sparky <at> goatmusic <dot> org

Feel free to get in touch with me there.
#7 · Posted: 8 Jan 2017 13:35
I'm happy to bow out if August is both interested in them all, and more conveniently located to carry out the collection of the books! :-)
#8 · Posted: 12 Jan 2017 12:05
cheers guys - email sent!

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