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Tintin DVD boxset: Region 1

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#11 · Posted: 26 Mar 2005 11:00 · Edited by: Moderator
I would imagine that the set has both French and English soundtracks on it but I do not know. The release in France has an English track and I can't imagine them going to the effort to remove it for this release


UPDATE: Posted: Apr 1, 2005 13:06:52

For anyone who preordered with DVDSoon the Tintin R1 DVD's are in the packaging stage and should be shipped tomorrow.

Seems very few e-tailers are stocking the disks though, only found www.amazon.ca , www.dvdsoon.com and www.dvdboxoffice.com

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#12 · Posted: 3 Apr 2005 11:50 · Edited by: tintinuk
That sounds great, Rik ! I won't be ordering one myself, but I imagine they'll be really popular ! I wonder if they'll have any special features - if they do, I might reconsider ordering one !
#13 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 05:13
I really cannot understand WHY they are not releasing an English, Region 1 box set of the Tintin cartoons on DVD. Being a Canadian, I find this particularly annoying since Nelvana is a Canadian company and Canadian actors did the voices. How long will we be kept waiting?
#14 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 05:43 · Edited by: marsbar
The wait is over.

Volume 1 of The New Adventures of Tintin (5-disc DVD boxset for North America/Region 1) is now available for purchase.

Additional information about the boxset, courtesy of Frederic Flower:
Officially released by Universal studio Home video Canada;
French and English (Dolby sound);
2 episodes per disc, covering: Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon, Land of Black Gold, Flight 714, The Black Island, King Ottokar's Sceptre, Seven Crystal Balls, Prisoners of the Sun, The Shooting Star, and The Broken Ear.

Where to buy: one place that sells the newly released set is "Il e'tait une fois..." of Canada - see Canada section of our Tintin Shops Directory.

Wait, there is more! Volume 2 (covering the other 11 Tintin stories) will be available at the end of November, on DVD.
#15 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 07:43 · Edited by: Moderator
Thanks for the information! Since DVDsoon are charging £30 for the boxset, £60 for the complete set seems expensive especially as Canada is normally dirt cheap for DVD.

UPDATE: Posted: Apr 5, 2005 12:09:53

Well today I recieved my R1 Copy of The Moon Adventures on DVD.

Haven't watched it all yet but a few notes.

It is primarily a French (the front cover is all in French) release but contains an English menu (selected from an option screen) and soundtrack! However the cartoon itself is French and subtitles are provided in English automatically where appropriate (translating the title screen for example)

The casing is much nicer than the R2 equivalent. You get a standard black DVD case with a cardboard slipcover. The cover is the same as the cover for the Destination Moon book on both the slipcase and the main case.

As an added bonus the sleeve on the disk cover can be reversed into a purely English translation.

The spines of the slipcase is also very nice, offering on one spine the titles on the DVD in French and on the other is the start of a spine picture that looks like it will be the classic Tintin running pose with The Adventures of Tintin written above it. Also the main Objectif Lune Lettering on the slipcase is raised slightly and gives it an air of quality.

The picture quality is comparable to the R2 IMO, the whole NTSC vs PAL is a whole other debate. Naturally the runtime is slightly longer on the R1 which i am putting down to the NTSC slowdown rather than any extra footage.

It also comes with a leaflet about the other DVDs in the set.


A much nicer presentation that the current R2 boxsets available but sadly the French on the disk could hamper some peoples liking of the set. Cost is another issue to contend with costing around £30 for half the episodes. Considering that the R2 complete set can be picked up for around £20.

I'll definitely pick up some more when they come down in price.


PS. I'll write a more concise and better written review later with a proper comparison to the R2 edition.

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#16 · Posted: 7 Apr 2005 04:57
So now that the DVD set is out in Canada, can anyone tell me if they are also in English (ie: an English soundtrack as opposed to English subtitles)?
#17 · Posted: 7 Apr 2005 08:00
Yes it has an English soundtrack in Dolby 2.0 sound and subtitles.

#18 · Posted: 14 Apr 2005 02:40
Are the Canadian DVDs still missing Tintin's "It all started..." summaries of the previous episodes, like other regions' counterparts?
#19 · Posted: 14 Apr 2005 06:44
Yes because they're not really necessary since you don't really need a recap from the previous episode when you've just watched it

#20 · Posted: 15 Apr 2005 21:18
Well I was looking on the DVD Soon website today and they have an offer on...

If you pay $50 CAD (equivalent about £22) you get to be a member of their site and qualify for 10% off all purchases for a year, they're really cheap as a R1 DVD retailer goes, in fact they are the cheapest anywhere in the world.

However if you act now and join you can claim a free Tintin R1 Boxset plus one of the following...

Blade Boxset (all 3 movies)
Finding Neverland
Meet the Fockers

Plus some others, incidently you can also pick up the single Tintin DVD in the offer

here is the link to the offer


For $50 it is an excellent deal, especially if you pick up the blade boxset as well, that's two excellent sets for £22!

I've spent over $2000 on DVDSoon in the last year but i buy a lot of DVD.

Also they've lowered the prices of the Tintin DVD to $10.98 each!


PS. Does this site ever think of getting some affiliate links to some popular e-tailers? Might be a bit of a money spinner

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