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Drôles de plumes: Tintin in the Land of the Belgian King

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#1 · Posted: 2 Jul 2005 16:47 · Edited by: Moderator
[Moved from "Time for official new Tintin adventures? With Apologies to Hergé" thread.]

Danagasta wrote: "Droles de plumes" is fun ... now if I can just find the ISBN number online and order it, I'll be set!

Here's the publication information for Drôles de plumes:
Drôles de plumes: 11 nouvelles de Tintin au pays du roi des Belges
By Alain Berenboom, Jean-Claude Bologne, Francis Dannemark, Jacques De Decker (Collectif)
Language: Français
Publisher: Edition Moulinsart (2nd January 2004)
Format: Softback - 174 pages
ISBN: 2874240257
Dimensions (in cm) : 19 x 2 x 24

The relevant Amazon.fr page is here - hope you enjoy the book!

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