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Let's talk about Flup, Nénesse, Poussette and Piglet & Le Siflet Strips

#1 · Posted: 7 Jun 2016 04:11 · Edited by: Moderator
I was just searching the Forums page and note that there are no discussions about Flup, Nénesse, Poussette and Piglet & Le Stiflet Strips..the earliest of Herge creations. Save for the wikipedia entry there is no information available in English about these creations or the story behind these characters. There are some pages available in French.Hope the esteemed members over here can supply information.

Moderator Note: We try and avoid these multi-subject threads if at all possible. Other than that they aren't already available in English (and may not be so easily in French either, come to that), there really isn't anything which links these as a definitive collection. It also isn't easy to see what sort of discussion could arise about them anyway, given that they aren't easily available.

So, until someone actually has a contribution to make about them there isn't really anywhere for this to go; when someone does have something to say about one of them (as has happened from time to time) then it is best that they start a new topic on that subject or add it to an existing thread if relevant.

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