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#1 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 00:55
Now that I have my Tintin collection complete (books only), I am moving forward to design my Tintin tattoo. I am planning a 3/4 sleeve with the idea that every book shall be represented by one image/object in the tattoo.

I am having some difficulty deciding which images should be included (this is my arm and it is permanent), so I thought I would put out my list and see that you all think.
Blue Lotus: porcelain dragon pot
Tintin in America: Tintin on motorcycle(unsure )
Cigars of the Pharaoh: the symbol
Black Island: the gorilla
Broken Ear: the statue
King Ottokar's Sceptre: the sceptre
Crab with the Golden Claws: crab tin, or the jeep with Tintin and crew
Shooting Star: the giant mushroom
Secret of "The Unicorn": the hidden parchment
Red Rackham's Treasure: shark submarine
Seven Crystal Balls: Calculus on the chair
Prisoners of the Sun: old round Inca tomb
Land of Black Gold: Thom(p)sons in the red jeep
Destination Moon: Tintin and Haddock in the jeep with Calculus
Explorers on the Moon: the rocket
Calculus Affair:(unsure)
Castafiore Emerald: the emerald
Flight 714: the jet or statue entrance to the cave
Tintin and The Picaros: General Alcazar

These are the books I grew up with and so they are the ones I have chosen for my arm. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.

P.S. Are there any Tintin fans in the Vancouver, B.C. area and would they be willing to meet?
#2 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 08:45 · Edited by: tybaltstone
Wow! That's quite a job. I always liked the idea of the Pharaoh/Kih-Oskh symbol as a tattoo - I think a girl at the Tintin study day at Greenwich had one.
#3 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 09:07
I have contemplated having a Tintin tattoo and I think I would go for the Kih-Oskh symbol because I would want something that only Tintin fans would recognise and appreciate, maybe even the whiskers of Kurvi-Tasch could look quite good.
#4 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 09:29
The idea of a tattoo makes my skin crawl!
But that aside, would you not mind being mistaken for a baddie if you went for the Kih-Oskh symbol? Surely what is needed is a Kih-Oskh mark inside one of those crossed circles, a la the Ghostbusters “no-ghosts” sign?

(I’m tempted to explain for younger readers that “Ghostbusters” was a popular film of the Eighties, having just been told by our receptionist that she’s recently seen this verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy ooooooolllllld film, called “Sophie’s Choice”; sadly I remember it being new, and therefore fairly contemporary, but she made it sound like it was in a hand-cranked projector with a piano accompaniment...)

Anyway, where are you going to tattoo the copyright information? ;-)
#5 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 09:39
When I was at school (7 years ago) seriously thought about having the Khi Oskh symbol tattooed onto my arm like Roberto Rastapopoulos has.
#6 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 09:45
Hmm, I see what you mean about being mistaken for a baddie. It could be quite embarrasing to get a customs officer who is a Tintin fan spotting my tattoo and thinking I have a suitcase full of cigars stuffed with opium!

As for the copyright info, I might have to think about that one! :-)
#7 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 11:01
I think the whiskers of Kurvi-Tasch could be anything, but the Kih-Oskh symbol is pure Tintin. I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people had it - it is a good one.

On copyright - there was a TV prog a couple of months back about the Disney Corp. and they showed this chap who was the only person to have permission to use the Disney characters on his body (tattoos). Apparently Disney are liable to sue if they become aware of someone having Mickey Mouse (or other characters) tattoos!
#8 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 11:32
I wonder if Moulinsart have the same policy on body art that Disney have? I suppose the majority of people that have tattoo's of cartoon characters dont even think about breaching copyright laws which could prove expensive if they get sued and then have to pay to get the tattoo removed!
#9 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 14:03
I don't think it's really a problem, I think it's more of a case when a specific tatoo artist has a design of Mickey Mouse's severed heard and stuff like that.

Not sure about a tatoo myself, I do like the Kih-Oskh symbol though.

Massive - to be honest i think your tatoo will look awful, it's have to be massive to look any good and do you expect the average tatoo artist to be a massive tintin fan? It'd be really hard to get the level of detail right as well. If i were you go for something considerably more simple, how big would it have to be to put in an image of tintin, calculus and haddock in a jeep?

Something much simpler, like the rocket, snowy's head, etc. would be much more doable

But don't let me stop you, i'd kind of like to see how it comes out, but as a word of warning go find an old person and see how good there tatoo looks after 20 years

#10 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 15:18
First off thank you for the suggestions. Jocko also thank you for your honesty. The tattoo will be pretty big like I said 3/4 of my right arm. As for the artist, I have a person who tattooed my left arm and I am extremely happy with her work. I feel her style would lend itself very well to Hergé's work.

As for the look of the tattoo in ten or more years, I think the quality of ink has improved greatly over the last decade. So you are seeing today tattoo's capable of keeping their look for many years especially if one takes care of the tattoo itself.

The issue of copyright never entered into my head.
I know Disney can be fairly brutal when it comes to protecting their properties; they forced a daycare to remove images of their characters from the wall!
However there are thousands of people with tattoo's containing copyright characters and images and I have never heard of a case being brought to court.

Thanks all for the input!


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