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Anybody inspired by Tintin?

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#11 · Posted: 8 Jun 2007 05:11
Most Tintin fans are inspired to be like him I guess. ;)
#12 · Posted: 22 Aug 2007 06:39
In fact I joined the department of mass communication and video production primarily becoz of Tintin.
#13 · Posted: 22 Aug 2007 06:43
Although in the not-so-distant-future, I plan to take up either photojournalism or advertising but initially I was greatly inspired by Tintin to take up journalism and mass communication in my bachelors level
#14 · Posted: 1 Oct 2007 08:52
#15 · Posted: 2 Oct 2007 07:44
The "runaway compartment" episode in prisoners of the sun has encouraged me to travel by foot-board in busses.
#16 · Posted: 5 Feb 2012 13:20
I also was inspired to draw (cartoon style) largely because of Herge's works.

Well, my style is indeed the manga-style, but even if I had many influences on the style from many manga artists (CLAMP, Tanabe Yellow to name a few), I think, up until today, the one that taught me to draw the lines (even if it is just subconsciously) is Hergé. No kidding, but I can't easily make thin lines or wobbly lines when drawing. Most of the time, if not always, I draw constructive, clear and thick lines. If I start by thin lines, it will always gradually become thicker when I add other lines later, and it happens unintentionally! Perhaps this happens because I watched Tintin often, and its artwork (although it is actually slightly wobbly when I compare it to the comic today) subconsciously influenced me. Back then, I had no idea that even Hergé started his ligne claire drawings with some thin, wobbly scribbling (although now I know this, this didn't even change the way I draw lines, not even a tiny change!).

As from Tintin, he inspires me to see the world. He makes me thirsty for adventure (travelling in general and mountain climbing in particular). Aside from my family's custom on each holiday time, it must have been caused by Tintin that I enjoy traveling (and adventure, of course!).
#17 · Posted: 5 Feb 2012 16:51
I can't draw well at all, but Hergé has definitely been a large influence on my prose writing style in the following ways:

* Anti-romance
* Platonic character interactions
* Intense action scenes
* Plot twists galore
* Cliffhangers
* Well-placed hurt/comfort and heartstring-tugs

It was really an epiphany to realize just how much of an influence Hergé has on me; I realized it after seeing the movie and going back to the books after it.

In fact, it was this realization that inspired me to stop being distracted by fanfiction (yes, I admit that I am a fanfic writer, but not for Tintin, as per Hergé's wishes) and focus on my original novel--currently meeting my goal of writing one page per day!
#18 · Posted: 7 Feb 2012 08:11
Tintin inspired me to take any uncomfortable experience as adventure
#19 · Posted: 22 Feb 2012 03:10
When I move out I'm gonna move to Belgium, Brussles and become a reporter. But for now I'm the school reporter.

)''') quiff
Star Child
#20 · Posted: 5 Mar 2012 18:22
Certainly! When I grow up, I want to be a journalist/writer and move to Brussels. At the moment, I'm writing endless stories about Tintin and his new friends! Introducing Toni, Katherine and Amera (or Jay), who are French-speaking girls as well as sisters. They all live in Brussels.

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