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Japanese tigers and ghosts

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#11 · Posted: 24 Jan 2007 00:38
igagli, one of the wikipedia entries you gave me was the story of Hoichi the earless, which references the Taira clan, one of the important Japanese historic families.

I have a question about the Taira, were all the Tairas evil like kiyomori Taira, and this is for anyone to anwser, not just igagli.

Also, way was my post on Japanese ghosts put in with my post on Japanese tigers, they were supposed to be two seprate posts.

Moderator Note: It would make your post easier to read if you took a moment to check your spelling and punctuation - the easier it is to understand, the more likely it will be that you get a reply! Many thanks!

As to your posts being combined, well from time to time admin has to prune the number of threads and spring-clean some of the older posts just to keep things manageable. As your researches into matters Japanese seemed to be related, it was probably thought to be tidier to put them together. The alternative might have been to remove one or both entirely, so it isn’t so bad to have them together is it?

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