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Your favourite sports team?

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#1 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 12:12
In a bid to find out more about other members, please name your favourite sports team. I'll start...

Nottingham Forest

1st Division English Football team, haven't won anything in a long time but I'll support them until the day I die

Harrock n roll
#2 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 12:35
Arsenal - so I don't have too much to complain about!

I've been a fan (or 'gooner' as we are known) since the age of 4 (peer pressure - I wanted to support Liverpool because I liked the colour red, but had to settle for red and white!) and I used to go to matches in the mid-70's when I was about 9 or 10. Last saw a match 5 or so years ago against Real Madrid.

Arsenal topped the league last season and also broke the record for an entire season unbeaten! Up the Gunners!
#3 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 13:59
I generally can’t be bothered with sports, so I am equally antithetical to all teams!!

The only good things about being mired in the middle of the wall-to-wall football, tennis, motor-racing, and what-have-you coverage which is all over the TV schedules at the moment, disrupting the schedules, is 1) at least it’s not an Olympics year, and 2) I have been getting time to catch up on DVDs and trips to the cinema!
Harrock n roll
#4 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 14:23
Not an Olympics year? Check this!
#5 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 14:47
And they said things couldn’t get any worse… I’m sure they’ll hold a surprise World Cup now too...
Harrock n roll
#6 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 14:50
... I hope so. 2 years is a long time in football....
#7 · Posted: 28 Jun 2004 16:04 · Edited by: Jyrki21
The Vancouver Canucks, without a doubt!
#8 · Posted: 29 Jun 2004 02:18
Hello All,

I am an Ipswich Town supporter, since those heady days when Paul Mariner was leading the team. Tractor Boy for ever! I also support whoever is playing Man U and Arsenal. I like to see them both lose!!! :D

Here is Australia, I follow the NSW Waratahs in the Super 12s. Perennial heart-breakers those Waratahs....

Icky Thoomp
Moderator Emeritus
#9 · Posted: 29 Jun 2004 04:59
Well, I really only support any sports team during the World Cup. And then I pick a team that I like. Last time, I supported the Senegal team, coz I just loved the way they beat France on their first ever game.

Usually, I'll support any team that's playing against England, France, or Brazil. :)

#10 · Posted: 15 Jul 2004 16:33
Vancouver Canucks for the north american side and Aston Villa for the English side.

christopher R:

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