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What you do during Christmas?

#1 · Posted: 17 Jun 2007 07:46
I'm in need of info of Christmas for a School Project. Mainly all of you guys are Christians. What do you always do for Christmas? What ceremonies are held during Christmas. Please help me. Thanx
#2 · Posted: 17 Jun 2007 11:31
My Christmas spent infront of the telly,roast dinner with everything and boxing day i go sleep lol typical christmas for me
cigars of the beeper
#3 · Posted: 17 Jun 2007 16:26
Our traditions at our household are really not standard for our area (Connecticut,USA) But I will help you out. We do a five candle advent wreath, which corresponds with our church. It starts four weeks before the last sunday before christmas. one candle is lit each week. The last candle is lit on christmas eve, to represent Jesus's birth. We put up our christmas tree on christmas eve too. On christmas morning we exchange gifts, although they we exchange much fewer gifts than most people in our area. Here in the USA, christmas has become more of a materialistic holiday rather than a christian one. If you want me to be more specific about our traditions, just let me know.
#4 · Posted: 17 Jun 2007 20:47
We open presents, we eat food and we watch TV

#5 · Posted: 19 Jun 2007 16:00
cigarsofthebeeper, I need you to explain me more further.

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