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Modern British Perception of the American Revolution?

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#21 · Posted: 27 Jan 2015 00:55 · Edited by: Moderator
I have seemed to have had completely different history lessons than the other Americans on this site.
I am an American in my senior year of high school.
First of all I will admit I do not really remember much from my history classes in grade school. But I think you started with town history, state history, country history, then world.
In high school you started with world history which in all honesty should have been called European history - I wish it covered middle eastern and Asian history but it didn't.
Scratch that: it was western world history - we didn't even learn about eastern Europe minus Russia.
You start with the beginning of humanity, where they migrated, how early civilizations started out, the ice ages and that kind of stuff.
We learned about Greece, Rome, Egypt, Spain, France, Germany, and a lot about Britain.
I really seemed to have learned most of what the British people on here learned in school.
Now in my school, students have the option to take Advanced Placement (A.P.) World History which is even further in depth.
Then the next year you take U.S. History.
I took A.P. U.S. History, which is the more in depth/ hardest version, and it went into so much detail.
It literally told you everything about every president, war, policy, and anything else. It was annoying.
It might have been only 239 years, but it went overly into depth.
We didn't even really make it past the cold war, which was sad.
Then the next year to take government and economics.
Unfortunately my school didn't offer it, but many offer geography too.
I think our flaw is not learning about non-western cultures, basically anyone not like us.
If we knew more about the Middle East and Asian cultures, maybe we would better know and understand how to handle policies with them, instead of being ignorant of their culture and history.
The only Asian history I got was from the World Wars or the Cold War, so we weren't shown a pretty picture, and any Middle Eastern reference was talking about 9/11.

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