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I've just bought my first new Tintin book in over 10 years!

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#1 · Posted: 12 Mar 2010 15:15 · Edited by: Ranko
Sorry, but it's a proud moment. :-)

Finding myself at a loose end this morning (And actually having some spare cash for the first time in ages) I wandered into the Tintin shop in London, had a look around and bought the classic colour edition of The Black Island

It's still all wrapped in its plastic cover. I'm not sure I want to open it... but I also want to see the changes! Dilemma! ha ha ha.

It cost £15. Which I think is a little steep. I'm sure my local Waterstones has it for £11.

OK it's open. Wow. Nice! And it appears my hairy namesake hasn't changed an awful lot. :-)

Oh, I see Ivan has changed.
#2 · Posted: 13 Mar 2010 18:45
The Classic Colour edition is great its like an entirely new book.
#3 · Posted: 13 Mar 2010 22:11
Absolutely. I like it better actually. It's got that innocence about it in the drawings.
#4 · Posted: 14 Mar 2010 19:09
Yea since I obtained the classic one im not such a huge fan of the 1966 one I count the classic colour one as the one to read.Its my favourite one.
#5 · Posted: 14 Mar 2010 22:07 · Edited by: robbo
I also bought the colour facsimile (but in French - I don't like the computer generated text), and I agree it is far superior to the later 1966 redrawn version.

I remember reading the latter not long ago before I got the original and thinking actually how poorly drawn Tintin was. He really is expressionless, wooden and too small. Together with the mass of original detail added by Bob de Moor, I find a static and disjointed quality to this album.

I couldn't believe how vibrant and beautiful the original plates were when I finally got to see them a few months ago. The line, colour and action all propel the story along in an enchanting way that the later version kills off. It is still a great read, but for me the drawings come first.

#6 · Posted: 21 Mar 2010 07:20
Congrats! :D It's a great feeling, buying a Tintin book. :)
#7 · Posted: 22 Mar 2010 07:36
nice one thanks for sharing...
#8 · Posted: 28 Mar 2010 02:12
I ordered Congo from Amazon. Its taking a wee bit longer than expected. I guess all the whohaw got peoples interest up.
#9 · Posted: 30 Mar 2010 07:36
Few months ago, there was minus tintin books in my local book shop. but after long time, now they imported New versions of Tintin books by EGMONT. new versions has some different from early books. paper quality changed.more whiteness and price was too much. i bought Tintin in Tibet and blue lotus today.
#10 · Posted: 6 Apr 2010 21:10
Thanks for sharing on the new version of 'The Black Island'.

The 1966 version was redrawn by Herge himself and his team as he wanted to give the The Black Island a new look.I would prefer the redrawn 1966 version as that's how Herge wanted readers thereon to know the book as.

Also, the original edition consisted of 124 pages and was in French. Other than the covers, it was a black and white edition.The new version by Egmont with the original front cover has 62 pages.Thus, it would not match the style and authenticity of the original or 1st edition.

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