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World Cup 2010 Winner...

Rianna Lauren
#1 · Posted: 11 Jul 2010 23:03

It was Spain 1-0 Netherlands after more than two and a half hours (it was from after midnight till dawn here at my place... And my eyes are so darn tired. =_=). What are your opinions about this? :)
I'm a supporter of Netherlands. Spain just got lucky with that goal. XDDD But they were good, so... Fair enough. XP

And that Oracle Octopus guy - actually I have no idea what to say about that guy. Other than "grill". But maybe you do, soooo post. :D
#2 · Posted: 13 Jul 2010 20:21
The Octopus cannot predict for toffee just coincidence.Well done Spain I was backing Holland it was a good match.Everything but the final was awful this time round.

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