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Around the Tintin world on Google Earth

#1 · Posted: 26 Dec 2010 20:12
Just came across it seems Google earth has a section dedicated to all the places Tintin has been on the map of the world its quite interesting take a peek
#2 · Posted: 1 Jan 2011 01:56
This is an interesting site and great to see all those places. Nice to see Google are Tintin followers.
I noticed that Sydney is not included even though in Flight 714 at the end Tintin headed down under but was never seen landing as it was the end.
The question is, Was Tintin actually ever in Sydney??
#3 · Posted: 1 Jan 2011 08:19
Maybe at the end Flight 714 when they report on the tv its from down under.
#4 · Posted: 31 Aug 2012 20:39
OMG this is so awesome!
#5 · Posted: 2 Sep 2012 12:49
Maybe at the end Flight 714 when they report on the tv its from down under.

Not really, if you read more carefully at the end of Flight 714, the news reporter from Scanorama said that they report directly from island of Java, Djakarta. I think Tintin eventually reached Sydney, but whether if we can be 100% sure about it, well, I don't know... :))

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