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Are anti-heroes your type of hero?

#1 · Posted: 17 Sep 2011 14:57
Has anyone read the DC comic "Kingdom Come"? This raises the interesting point of how far a hero should go when dealing with his enemies: should he kill them or not? Old-fashioned heroes like Batman and Superman object to killing, while others like Magog (based on Marvel's Cable of X-Men fame) take the opposite view.

The authors of the comic seem to make their own position clear on the subject, what about you? Most heroes who date from the 1930s to the 60s, such as Tintin, Batman and Spider-Man, refrain from killing. If their enemies are killed it is usually due to circumstances beyond the hero's control: such as Tom being eaten by alligators in "Tintin in the Congo".

In "America", Tintin captures all the gangsters alive, meaning that they will now stand trial - and probably get off thanks to brilliant lawyers, intimidation of witnesses and a corrupt judiciary.

But more recently we've tended to have ones like the Punisher or Wolverine whose body count must be in the hundreds. There are also the likes of Dirty Harry, James Bond, Rambo, Arnie, or McLane of Die Hard: shoot first, never mind the questions later.

Though I find such comics and movies exciting, morally I wonder if they are really acceptable. Maybe there's a case for the Comics Code Authority and the Motion Picture Production Code to get back into business?

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