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Need more help from the Britons

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#11 · Posted: 12 Aug 2005 22:50
Well jump on the Underground then, don't remember it being expensive

But it is quite slow… It might just then be quicker to take a train which doesn’t actually go to London…
#12 · Posted: 14 Aug 2005 07:31
From Heathrow you'll need to get the Heathrow Express to London Paddington (every half hour), then you can get a direct train to Exeter St David's from there. You shouldn't have any trouble buying a ticket at Heathrow, and there are FastTicket machines at Paddington for the journey to Exeter.

This is what I booked for her in the end. I just found it stunning that First Great Western offers a bus service from Heathrow (to Reading Station, where you transfer to the same train she'll be picking up at Paddington), yet there is simply no way to get tickets if you don't have a permanent UK address. Or, more broadly, I find it shocking that there is apparently no way to pick up a train ticket at Heathrow, yet there is at Gatwick! Surely this isn't true?

Incidentally Jyrki, I'm currently living in Exeter so if you have any more questions about the place feel free to contact me directly. Unfortunately I can't help with your first query because I've never used the airport.

Thanks for the offer! Have you taken taxis around the city at all? Do you know how much they typically cost for, say, a 10-minute journey?

She won't have too much time to explore the city (she's in a conference at the university the whole time, and she's also staying in the university dorms), except on maybe the last day... nevertheless, any recommendations of can't-miss sites or nice neighborhoods?
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#13 · Posted: 25 Aug 2005 21:54
any recommendations of can't-miss sites or nice neighborhoods?

The cathedral and Cathedral Green are well worth a visit, obviously... quite a few interesting shops too, and the university campus is unusally rural. If you like shopping mostly then perhaps Plymouth, an hour away by train.
If you don't mind going further afield Dartmoor is very beautiful. And if you like ye olde worlde English charm then Topsham is a must - with perhaps the greatest pub in the world, the unspoilt 16th century Bridge Inn, that serves only real ales that are exceptionally well-kept.


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