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Harry Thompson: Sad news...

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Harrock n roll
#11 · Posted: 9 Nov 2005 17:58
What can you say...? Harry was one of the greatest Tintinologists and I thought his book the best I've read on the subject, simply because it's such a fun read. It's really sad we've lost a great champion and spokesperson.

I raise a large glass of Loch Lomond to Harry!
#12 · Posted: 9 Nov 2005 18:25
This is indeed extremely bad news! Very very sad indeed! He will be sorely missed.

For those tintinophiles who want to remember him as he was in his prime, watch the Danish documentary "Tintin and I" where Harry is one of the Tintin experts.

And yes, his book is still highly readable and includes rare information not available anywhere else, such as unique quotes by Bob de Moor and Michael Turner.

I second the motion to raise a glass of Loch Lomond to Harry!
Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#13 · Posted: 6 Feb 2006 19:14
Members in the UK may be interested to know that Harry Thompson's novel This Thing of Darkness is Radio 4's "Book at Bedtime", starting tonight (February 6th) on what would have been his 46th birthday.

Details are here. It will be available to listen again to throughout the 10-day serialisation.


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