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Train World: New Belgian National Railway Museum to open

#1 · Posted: 4 Mar 2015 10:15
I know that there are many train spotters and railway fanatics amongst our members, and that the train is a major feature in several Tintin stories, so I thought that this was worth reporting on.

After many years in preparation, and having survived several set-backs along the way, Belgium is at last to have a national railway museum, befitting a country that is by all accounts enthusiastic about trains.

Train World, as the new collection is called, will open in September at a brand new facility which has been built next to the station in Schaerbeek (which itself will be used for events), in the suburbs just to the north of Brussels. This is just a short tram or train ride from the city centre (the journey from the Gare Central takes only eight minutes).

I'm sure that there will be much for the train enthusiasts, and I look forward to finding out if any of the types of train depicted by Hergé have ended up on display there!

The Belgian Tourist Office page about it can be read here, and the official site for the museum is here.

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