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Mixed-up titles

#1 · Posted: 19 Nov 2005 20:24
Just for fun, I mixed up some volume titles.

Explorers on the Shooting Star
Prisoners of Flight 714
King Ottokar's Golden Claws
Castafiore in Tibet
The Seven Crystal Picaros
The Black Island Affair
Red Rackham's Broken Ear
Alph-Art in America
Destination Blue Lotus
#2 · Posted: 20 Nov 2005 05:49
How about these:

The Secret of the Emerald
The Secret of the Blue Lotus
Prisoners of the Blue Lotus
The Land of Golden Claws
The Land of America
The Land of Tibet
The Calculus Picaros
The Red Sea Golden Claws
#3 · Posted: 21 Nov 2005 21:10
Prisoners of Flight 714

That actually works.

Red Rackham's Broken Ear

That's funny.

#4 · Posted: 24 Mar 2017 11:37 · Edited by: snowybella
This includes one Jo, Zette and Jocko scramble.

King Ottokar's Black Gold
The Blue Island
The Valley of the Pharaoh
The Broken Emerald
Tintin in the Calculus Affair
The Crab with the Alph-Art
Red Rackham's Picaros
The Secret of the Golden Claws
The Castafiore Sceptre

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