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#21 · Posted: 2 Jun 2004 17:38
Hear hear. So Harrock, are you saying that Michael Turner and Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper are doing translations for Casterman that are different from the Last Gasp translations? Or are Last Gasp buying the translations from Casterman and these are bypassing Egmont entirely? If so then presumably Egmont are only interested in the colour Congo. Also, is your interview with the legendary translators online anywhere? I'd love to read it.

Chevet - I''ve always liked newspaper strips, so i'd love to buy Unicorn and Rackham facsimiles from Le Soir. I don't buy pirate editions on principle, but the fact that there are pirate editions shows there must be a demand, which Moulinsart should meet.
#22 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 09:28
Why oh why does England get completely forgotten when it comes to translated Tintin books? Herge was a self confessed Anglophile, and England has adopted Tintin (i was brought up on it and have no french or belgian relatives whatsoever). Lets get a petition going to get these facsimilies published!!!
#23 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 10:14
We’re swerving off topic again,but to address the issues raised above...

England (by which I take it you mean the U.K.) isn’t “completely forgotten” - we’ve already got the bulk of the books available in English editions, and have had for many years.

“Congo” has been a hot potato due to the nature of the content, and is a special case. I myself am not black, and hesitate to speculate as to how I would react to it if I were, but I can see that there are issues there, and I can see why Methuen avoided it. The reprint of the B&W edition was presumably deemed by Methuen to be not something they wished to carry either, and I can respect that point of view.

However, Last Gasp took it upon themselves, as a publisher of specialty, historical and niche comics aimed squarely at collectors and comic-historians, to bring out the English translation - which presumably was supplied to them by Casterman.

As far as can be told, Casterman are behind the translation of the rest of the facsimile albums (although it is unknown whether this includes the “Journal” version of “Prisoners” - I can’t recall it being mentioned anywhere), and they are determined for these to be available by the centenary of Hergé’s birth in 2007.

As the new publisher, and with a history of comic publishing across Europe, Egmont would seem to be a likely home for these books, but they may be Last Gasp in the US.

Maybe I’m just an optomist, but things are on the up, as I look at them!! Now if we can just get Totor, Mr Mopp and the odds and ends of stuff out too, I’ll be even happier, and considerably lighter in the pocket!

Can’t think of how to get back on topic, so I’ll sign off before I go any further.
#24 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 12:25
Jock, im talking about the MANY reference books that the french have, such as the 'Chronologie D'Une Oeuvre' series or 'Herge mon Ami' , found in the Tintin shop...


There are so many books available on the continent about Herge and his creations, i just wish they were published over here (UK).
I do have all the Tintin adventures including the Black and white versions of 'Tintin in the land of the Soviets' and 'Tintin in the congo' which i purchased in the early 90's. Im anticipating to read the other albums in Black and white, its frustrating that the Americans get them first!!!
#25 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 13:31
Well you could order it from Amazon.com and get it sent, or maybe the Tintin shop or a fan (maybe one of us) could order a boxful and send them out, maybe it'd be cheaper that way? I could look into it if anyone is interested.

Anyone got a list of what is being published by last gasp? Could only see Cigars of the Pharaoh on amazon.com

#26 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 16:52 · Edited by: tybaltstone
Have a look at: www.lastgasp.com

Don't know how useful or up to date it is though...


Here's a better list: http://www.lastgasp.com/1/1/1/184/
Big Ren
#27 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 17:35 · Edited by: Big Ren
Is it certain that Last Gasp will be the publishers of the America and Cigars English facsimiles? It's just that looking at their online catalogue it seems that they are just the U.S. distributors for many Tintin books published in Europe. (I realise that Amazon.com lists Last Gasp as the publisher of Cigars).
Harrock n roll
#28 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 17:43
They've already done Soviets and Congo but America has been overdue for months now, see Amazon

As for Cigars, we'll have to wait and see...
#29 · Posted: 3 Jun 2004 21:03 · Edited by: ectoplasm
Maybe we should make an exception for this discussion and just not worry about staying on-topic...?

I think Rastapopoulos makes an excellent point about Herge being an anglophile - and after all he paid his British readers the enormous compliment of having The Black Island redrawn for the British market, the only colour album to be completely redone. In light of this it's ironic that so far we've been badly served by comparison with Europe. It's taken Last Gasp to reprint Congo, unavailable in English for years, and Alph-Art has been OOP for years too.

I also agree wholeheartedly with the point about the lack of English translations of French reference books on Herge - at the very least I'd like to see Numa Sadoul's Interviews with Herge translated into English. Come on, there has to be a market for this! Also, I'm surprised no one's produced a book of essays on Tintin in English yet, as a pop culture phenomenon worthy of serious study - on my bedisde table at the moment is a book published by Manchester University Press consisting of scholarly essays on James Bond! I'm sure that a compilation of translations of French essays about Herge would sell well enough to justify it's existence, and perhaps kick off Tintinology in the English speaking world as a serious academic discipline...
#30 · Posted: 4 Jun 2004 05:35
ectoplasm wrote: Maybe we should make an exception for this discussion and just not worry about staying on-topic...?

Ahem... ectoplasm, have you forgotten the promise you made a page ago, hmmm? (ectoplasm wrote on 1 June 2004: ... I apologise sincerely for going off-topic and promise not to do it again after this post!) Ehehe... :-p

Ok, seriously now: the occasional tangent is fine, as long as it does not extend beyond a couple of posts. The 'Egmont-Methuen' thread is reasonably on topic (black and white albums), but the the 'Tintin reference book in English' thread is out of place here. Please create a new thread topic if you wish to continue to discuss the reference books.

Keeping discussions structured will allow interested people to easily find information and participate by browsing the thread headings.

- Your friendly Forum NAZI

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