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Tintin's Clothes: Which outfits does he wear...?

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#1 · Posted: 30 Dec 2005 12:04
I really think Tintin likes the color blue (maybe yellow) since he almost wears his blue shirt all the time! In Picaros he finally has new pants, a pair of jeans. Do you know of any other clothes and pants he wears?
#2 · Posted: 31 Dec 2005 14:22
When Tintin's in trouble, he always seems to be able to get hold of a fake beard or face-paint to diguise himself in, along with a whole new set of clothes. I'm thinking of the scene in the Black Island when Tintin's running from the Thompsons when they're handcuffed, and he's dressed up as an old man in the window.
#3 · Posted: 31 Dec 2005 22:12
For more information on Tintin's clothes, please refer to
a) Tintin's disguises (found under guides/lists - Tintin reference lists)
b) Tintin's clothes (found under articles - list by title - t)
#4 · Posted: 15 Jan 2012 03:16 · Edited by: AngelofLight
19 May 2017 16:30 - Merged topic:
Tintin's Clothes: Which outfit…?

Tintin wears several outfits, cultural garments and disguises. What is your favourite of all the outfits he wears in the series and why?

I've got to say, that kilt was fine...

Edit: I agree...his classic outfit is of course the best. I do love his white shirt and hat for virtually all of when he's in desert, especially Crab with the Golden Claws. And I actually liked the jeans in the Picaros. He's different in that album...more mature and sensible. The new look added a dimension to the character.
#5 · Posted: 15 Jan 2012 07:04
I liked the jumpsuit he wore in Destination Moon.
#6 · Posted: 15 Jan 2012 10:14 · Edited by: Brianna
Oh, goodness. I love them all so much! My all-time favourite is the classic blue sweater/plus fours outfit. With the long tan coat, he looks the epitome of an adventure waiting to happen. I remember walking through the airport as a little girl wearing an oversized jacket, feeling exhilarated at the prospect of travelling overseas (wow, I was such a nerd o_o)

I completely agree, Angel, he certainly looks fine in a kilt ;D and also in the untucked blue shirt towards the end of Land Of Black Gold. I love his jeans in Picaros - it adds another dimension to his character and the feel of the story. And the amusing hat he wears during the sacrificial ritual in Prisoners of the Sun - bahaha, I'm not sure he's aware how ridiculous he looks xD
#7 · Posted: 15 Feb 2012 02:29
I love all the outfits but some of my favorite were the Blue Lotus Chinese outfit, the Black Island kilt, and that green coat with the matching newsboy cap from the Broken Ear!
#8 · Posted: 15 Feb 2012 10:11
I like when he wore poncho in Prisoners of the Sun. Sure I loved his standard look (plus fours, blue sweaters, tan coat), but I always loved it when Tintin wore a mountain-climbing shoes. I just love it.
#9 · Posted: 22 Feb 2012 23:27
I like his normal blue shirt with brown pants!

)''') quiff
#10 · Posted: 23 Feb 2012 00:55
Oh, and don't forget the jester costume from Picaros! Hahaha, I'm pretty sure Tintin would look cute in anything :)

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