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Favourite dialogue from the Tintin books

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#51 · Posted: 11 Sep 2017 15:04
Like Jelsemium, my favorite is Snowy saying, "I can't stand animals who talk."

Also Captain Haddock on the moon rocket telling the Thompson Twins that two Punch & Judy men aren't needed on the pier, so they can't have the job.
#52 · Posted: 8 Oct 2017 08:48
Some of my favourite quotes are:
"Tintin, are you dead? Say yes or no, but answer me!" This quote makes me laugh every time, made by Snowy.
"Billions of blue blistering barnacles!" Who can forget this?
"Crumbs!" Every time something goes wrong with me.
#53 · Posted: 11 Oct 2017 09:49 · Edited by: Moderator
1. "When llama is angry, señor, he always do that." - Peruvian.
2. "Blistering barnacles, I know!... when llama angry, he always do that!" - Capt. Haddock
3. "I've nothing against you personally, you but that pays a very old debt." - Capt. Haddock

All from Prisoners of the Sun.

4. Any dialogue spoken under the influence of Rajaijah juice!
Cigars of the Pharaoh/ The Blue Lotus

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