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How did you get your Tintin books?

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#1 · Posted: 3 Oct 2007 01:43
So i was wondering how everyone got their Tintin books. If you could give a story on it as well then that would be nice.
In my case I got my first one when i was around 8 or 9. I liked them so much i kept wanting more, but unfortunately the store i got them from only had 2. And well i just ordered the entire set on amazon so i should finally have them all by Mid November. Can't wait!
#2 · Posted: 3 Oct 2007 01:58
I got my first four or five 20+ years ago as a boy, then forgot about Tintin for another 10 years, then bought a couple more. The rest I bought more recently, on various auction sites, as well as some of the Farr, Peeters, Thompson books doing the rounds. Still to acquire/read Congo and Land of the Soviet though, but I'm in no hurry: they'll fall in my lap sooner or later.
#3 · Posted: 3 Oct 2007 09:18 · Edited by: jock123
I got my first book, the paperback of Red Sea Sharks, which I had seen advertised in the pages of Whizzer and Chips (and at the time assumed that it was a new book, as I don't think it ever turned up in our local library) on my first ever trip to London at the Easter of 1975.
I bought it in Hamley's on Regent Street, when they had a separate children's book department in an annexe at the back of the store, and it cost me 35p of my holiday money (I also bought a really good kite in the kite department). Other high-points were seeing Tommy Steele and Milo O’Shea in Hans Andersen at the London Palladium, and The Mousetrap at St. Martin's Lane (I was sworn to secrecy as to whodunnit, so I can't say who the murderer is...).
cigars of the beeper
#4 · Posted: 4 Oct 2007 00:06 · Edited by: cigars of the beeper
I got the first Tintin book I ever owned, "King Ottokar's Sceptre", in the used sale books section of my local library. It was not the first time I heard of Tintin though. The kid next door was responsible for that. I then forgot I had it for a couple of years, and I finally got back into Tintin when I stumbled upon a huge Tintin collection in a different library. (not for sale this time, just for borrowing. Then at the same library I got Ottokar, I found for sale in the used book section a completely new copy of "Destination Moon". I was ecstatic, and I bought it for twenty-five cents. my first two were the cheapest Tintin books I got, aside from the ones I recieved as gifts. I built up my collection using Amazon and BN. It is almost finished by now. I finished buying the 21 books last summer (You know, from America to Picaros.) It should be finished soon, if Little, Brown publishers cooperates and releases the new versions of Soviets, Congo and Alph-art. I do already have Soviets and the facsimile Congo, but I will not consider myself to have all of the books until I have Alph-art and color 62-page Congo. I am also working on collecting the black and white facsimile editions, which are slowly being translated into English.
#5 · Posted: 4 Oct 2007 13:25
I got my first book crab with the golden claws at age 7(i do not know, from where my dad got it from).

Now after many years i got 12 tintin books from my school library.

I have read destination moon without reading explorers on the moon, and i am dying to read it.
#6 · Posted: 19 Nov 2007 13:23
I've been a Tintin fan since 1995 after watching "King Ottokar's Sceptre: Part One" on GMA-7. I had longed to collect Tintin merchandize, but there were none then. On June 26, 2002, it was just surprising to find out some Tintin comic books (3-in-1 editions, and single softbounds) being displayed at National Bookstore-Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. I immediately bought "Seven Crystal Balls" which costed Php299, followed by "Prisoners of the Sun" and "The Blue Lotus" on September 6, 2002 when Tintin books had 20% discount each. That was the beginning of my dream come true.

2006. When I secured permanency in the teaching profession in a public school, I saved for more Tintin books. This time, there are no Tintins at the Dagupan City branch. Until on September 26, 2006, while strolling the mountain cool Baguio City, I discovered more Tintin comic books at National Bookstore branches in Abanao Square and SM Baguio. From there I added 12 episodes (volumes 6,3,5, King Ottokar's Sceptre, and Red Rackham's Treasure). Presently, the price of softbound edition is Php395, and 3-in-1's are Php669 each.

And I plan to buy more on September 2006 in line with the National Bookstore's anniversary sale, when I can buy Tintins at 20% discount...again...

Edit: Posted: 19 Nov 2007 13:24:26
Correction pls... I mis-encoded "September 2006..." That should be "September 2008"
#7 · Posted: 18 Jun 2009 07:09
I bought my All Tintin books myself.
#8 · Posted: 1 Jul 2009 16:52
I persuaded my Dad to my most of mine for me or I would save up my pocket money. I could only afford the paperbacks. That was back in the 1970's. The more recent ones I have bought myself and have collected some hardback ones too.
#9 · Posted: 1 Jul 2009 21:11
The first books I read actually belonged to my Dad, he owned them before I was even born. Eventually they got worn out and were thrown away(three careless little kids looking at them, not good). So I forgot about Tintin for a few years.

A few months ago I suddenly remembered it and realized how much I missed our old books. Later I picked up a copy of Tibet at a little bookstore, the first Tintin book I actually owned myself. Soon after Dad bought me four books: the treasure and moon stories. (Isn't he great?) I'm hoping to buy the rest sometime, but the bookstore in town hasn't got a single copy.
#10 · Posted: 2 Jul 2009 15:22
I knew of both Tintin and Asterix from an early age, because of my older brother. My brother had all the Asterix, so I luck out because that meant when it was time for me to be old enough to read and get books, I got Tintin.

My first one was a birthday gift from my godparents, "Tintin en Amérique" (although I had read of few of them by then). The rest came as birthday and Christmas gifts over the years, except for the movie books, which I bought after I saw the live action films when I was 15 or 16.

The later one, like Alph-Art and the black and whites, I also bought myself.

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