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Why do Moulinsart hoard Tintin stuff like gold?

#1 · Posted: 12 Aug 2004 20:27 · Edited by: Admin
Why do they consider this kind of thing [e.g. fan art] an insult instead of a homage? (in simple terms)
Why hoard the pictures and stuff like gold when people only want to show that they like Herge's work?

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#2 · Posted: 12 Aug 2004 23:54
I don't think they consider it an insult as such, merely a protection of their copyright. Herge himself said that he didn't want anyone else to carry on Tintin after his death

#3 · Posted: 13 Aug 2004 11:20
Why then would they want to stop wallpapers and screensavers, which are essentially people showing how much they like Tintin? Nobody appears to be writing a new story or anything when they do that.
#4 · Posted: 13 Aug 2004 12:56 · Edited by: Admin
I sympathise. I've been looking for wallpapers and screensavers for ages. I hardly think that these constitute 'carrying on Hergés work'. But there are one or two sites for good wallpapers run by some of the people on here.

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Yes, the copyright owners of Tintin have clearly stated their disapproval of fan-made works, such as screensavers, in their 'Internet Usage Charter' (i.e. copyright policy) -- please read Admin's post of 20 June in the 'Tintin fonts' thread for further explanation.]
#5 · Posted: 14 Aug 2004 14:17 · Edited by: jock123
I am not sure that “they horde the stuff like gold” quite covers it: the books have remained in print, they have released the “Archive” series, and are now working their way through the massive “Oeuvre” project to catalogue all of his work. They allow art, studio models, reference materials letters etc. to be used in exhibitions.

Furthermore, the archive at the Fondation is being scanned for use in CD-ROMs and other media where it can be the basis of research. This will also aid in the setting up of the Hergé museum.

If you mean why do they protect the legacy, this is a subject much discussed here, but to give a potted resumé: a) they are legally obliged to, to keep the copyright in the work that b) pays for the work done by the Fondation, such as building a museum, and the wages of its staff.

If you want to get things out there, which are currently in their archives, it is better to support the works of the Fondation, which will continue to exploit the material; deny them the finance, and the stuff will remain “horded”.

Finally, c) they are also constrained by Hergé’s wish that no one carried on his work, and thus while the intention may be an honest one, to offer a screen-saver, desktop wall-paper or pirate album, is i) illegal, ii) diverting the revenue that is needed to make the genuine material available, and iii) dishonouring Hergé’s wishes, not honouring them.
#6 · Posted: 19 Apr 2005 05:16
I think they want to "hoard" Tintin because he's so easy to, pardon me, bastardize. He isn't given a sexuality, so THAT can be taken either way; he shows no religion, so that's up for grabs, too. He's such an innocent, pious character that any change in him seems depraved and goes against Herge's goals for the series. It's like why we keep silver polished; any tarnish whatsoever mars it and takes its beauty away.
#7 · Posted: 19 Apr 2005 06:50
They hoard his stuff as you call it because that is there job, to protect the Tintin brand and commercially exploit it.


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