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Tintinland: The imaginary theme-park

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#81 · Posted: 15 Mar 2011 06:06
Geez..... after reading this "Tintinland" I started to make a replica of it..... From boxes,paper,and other stuff...
#82 · Posted: 15 Mar 2011 07:08
But in Tintinland you would need to watch your back Bourdurian double agents everywhere.
#83 · Posted: 16 Mar 2011 02:39
Being a theme park enthusiast as well as a Tintinologist, I have many a friend asking me if I would love to see a Tintin theme park seeing as there is already a Parc Asterix.

As much as it is a partial dream to see such an attraction, I would have to say no to the concept because:

- Investment and demand would never be likely no matter how popular the series is. Not many companies in the theme park industry would be willing to part so much money to pump into something that could potentially have low gate numbers.

- No company could truly win the hearts of Moulinsart and the Tintinologist community. The location and faith placed into the adapted rides/attractions would heavily partake in this. So if the park was in Belgium, overseas fans would have trouble affording/getting there. Vice versa.

- The whole park would be hit and miss because it is one big IP land and it is sometimes terrible when a park that doesn't own the IP tries to do this, it goes down pretty badly and only occasionally goes right.

In short, I see many reasons blocking the theme park idea and I object to the idea ever flourishing. I would love to see such an attraction, don't get me wrong, but in reality who can we really trust to build up a theme park around Tintin without any hitches?

However, to see a virtual render of Tintinland on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 or NoLimits would be fantastic. Or even small Tintin attractions around the world, much like the Legoland Discovery Centres and Sea Life.

Still I won't be having high hopes for all three.

It's a wonderful idea. Just wouldn't cope in reality.
#84 · Posted: 18 Feb 2012 22:21
Well, we do always have Musée Hergé!
#85 · Posted: 19 Feb 2012 02:41
When I browsed through Tintin's facebook albums, I saw an album called Tintinville (if I wasn't wrong), and it was about an entrepreneur team went to a place, looking for potential site for Tintinville. If you ask what is Tintinville, well, it was a planned Tintin-themed amusement park. There were planned to be based by Tintin in America, which means it'll have saloon, ranch, sheriff house. It would also have go-kart racing track,swimming pool, tennis courts and an Inn for accommodation. It turned out that it had operated for a while, until it finally closed down (not really sure why, a flop perhaps?).

Here's the link to the album "Tintinville". I am sorry if the link won't open. (To moderator : I do sorry if it is not allowed)

Anyway, about making Tintin-themed park, I don't think it goes against Hergé's wishes on Tintin. If this was once happened, I think it can be happened aagain (sure there are lots of technical consideration, including fans' demand, but the point is, it's just okay to build a Tintin-themed park).

But I think, instead of a Tintinland, why not a Tintin festival? But make it like Oktoberfest so there wouldn't only be food/comic/merchandise booths, but also amusing rides! (But when I mean make it like an Oktoberfest, I don't mean that it must be overflowed with beers and other booze, I just say make the festival arrangement like Oktoberfest). And don't hold it just in one place, hold it in different places in different periods!(Say, like the first festival held in Brussels, and then the next festival held in Australia, and then the next festival in the next country and so on).
Harrock n roll
#86 · Posted: 19 Feb 2012 19:41
Anyway, about making Tintin-themed park, I don't think it goes against Hergé's wishes on Tintin. If this was once happened, I think it can be happened aagain

I think it would be more a case of obtaining the rights to run such a park. Perhaps we'll see something soon though, especially if the film(s) are enough of a success.

As well as the short-lived 'Tintinville' there was Walibi theme park which ran for quite a few years (see the article on this site about the Walibi Tintin theme park).

But I think, instead of a Tintinland, why not a Tintin festival?

That is something that has been ongoing since 2005. A second was held in Lausanne in 2007, and a third in Namur in 2009. See also this thread about the first festival in 2005.
#87 · Posted: 22 Feb 2012 12:07
Harrock n roll:
I think it would be more a case of obtaining the rights to run such a park.

Ah yes, that was what I meant to write back then, I just ran out of words (thank you for telling me, Harrock! :D).

And at the first glance, I thought Walibi was in Australia... XD.

Goodness, the Tintin Festival looks definitely interesting! Is it still being held today? (If it is, where will it take place?)

If it is still held, then I'll definitely visit that place, but I'll have to save my money for the travel.
Goodness, when I'll travel around Europe this event is definitely a must-visit for me!
(Though it seems like it's a biennial event, so perhaps after 2011, which I missed, the festival might be held again at 2013? Oh my, that's so close! I wonder if I can save enough money for it.. :( )

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