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Songs that fit the characters in Tintin?

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#21 · Posted: 7 Sep 2012 20:51
For Captain it would be Not Afraid by Eminem! It speaks about how his life was turned around. Unfortunatly, Captain doesn't have a daughter, which Eminem raps about alot!
#22 · Posted: 14 Sep 2012 20:52 · Edited by: ilovetintin
Rianna Lauren
Brilliant :D
What about Forever by Breaking Benjamin
#23 · Posted: 14 Sep 2012 20:58 · Edited by: ilovetintin
#24 · Posted: 14 Sep 2012 21:02 · Edited by: ilovetintin
My suggestion is maybe 2NE1's I Am The Best for Bianca Castifiore? :P maybe not...lol for Tintin I think the It's My Life song suggestion by Rianna Lauren was perfect! Maybe also Warrior or Wandering Limbs, both by Kimbra?
Just had another idea, what about Stronger by Kelly Clarkson?
'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' A Crippling Blow by the Killers also seems like a good one.
#25 · Posted: 4 Mar 2013 06:55 · Edited by: Gayboy
Ok I'm going to comment in this thread what I think... hehehehe

I would say Rod Stewart in "The Rhythm of My Heart" For Tintin & Haddock (with friends showing up later)

I say this because Tintin and Haddock (Snowy too) have been in the trenches against bad guys which would kind of be equivalent to the war that Rod Stewart depicts in his video. Now this can be looked at in different ways as the song progresses. Since he says "The rhythm of my heart, is beating like a drum, with the words I love you rolling off my tongue. Never will I roam, for I know my place is home. When the ocean meets the sky, I'll be sailing..."

A lot of things could be read through that passage (Even death because in the video its about a woman waiting for her soldier husband to return which we all know the tragedies of war as some never come home meaning "the ocean meets the sky" is they journey into Heaven perhaps? Fortunately for this particular woman, she and her family get the happy ending with her husband returning.

My interpretation for most of you it would be a only friendship oriented; but, for me it's both friendship and more.

It's the realization of where one truly belongs. Tintin and Captain Haddock both realize, it's not just the physical home itself in Marlinspike Hall with Nestor, Calculus, and Snowy they belong; but, it's with each other be it home or adventuring. The whole mentioning of sailing and the ocean gives the song a naval/sailor sea-like feel which instantly gives the affiliation to the captain. Toward the end of the song when more people join in the chorus I kind of envision more of Tintin and Haddock's old friends resurfacing as toward the end of the song, they are on a huge sail boat together sailing off in the sunset. So again, to me it can appear to be just platonic... but the love that the song speaks of is the love between the Tintin and Haddock that exists.

I think I may have to make a music video now!
#26 · Posted: 8 Mar 2013 13:55
I think the song "Boum" by Charles Trenet fits the Thompson twins very well (besides the fact that a parody of the song was played in their car in "Land of Black Gold"). The song has a light and carefree tune to it that to me suits well with the Thompsons' simplistic and clumsy character. Besides, everything is always going "Boum" in whatever adventure they find themselves in!
#27 · Posted: 16 Mar 2013 13:37 · Edited by: BlackadderFan
Captain Haddock: "Walk" by Foo Fighters
General Alcazar: "Electioneering" by Radiohead
Tintin: "Human" by The Killers, probably or "Extreme Ways (Bourne's Ultimatum)" by Moby or "With a Little Help from My Friends" by The Beatles
Wolff: "What I've Done" by Linkin Park
Rastapopoulos: "When They Come for Me" by Linkin Park
Thomson and Thompson: "Help!" by The Beatles, as they are inept
Professor Calculus: "The Elements" by Tom Lehrer

I can't think of any others
#28 · Posted: 13 Apr 2013 19:37
"Activate" by Stellar Kart

Ha! I thought that also ;)
#29 · Posted: 26 Mar 2014 06:46 · Edited by: Moderator
Moderator Note: Combined two consecutive posts...

Taylor Swift's Eyes Open fits perfectly for Tintin - who agrees?

The song "Rush" from AJ and Aly is great for Explorers on the Moon.
The part which says, "Don't let nobody tell you your life is over...", is great for the bit where the Thom(p)son's have no hope in life.
And where it says, "Lifting your feet right off the ground, You can't believe it's happening now", is great for the part where the Thom(p)sons try to dance and they can't believe they are floating in the air...
Am I right ?

Moderator Note: Adding a third consecutive post...!

Hey guys !
So recently I've been listening to some songs
and thought how well they can fit some of Tintin's adventures.
And for sure, I can't be the only one who realized that, right?
so here are some of the songs:
-Eyes open (Taylor Swift)
-Into the rush ( Aly and Aj)
I swear I knew more songs, they just seem to have gone out of my mind now ! ^_^
but please tell me if you know more songs!

Moderator Note: Hmmm... It didn't take the investigative skills of the Thom(p)sons to detect that you not only posted about this before, to be precise, you suggested the same songs! ;-)
As you may now remember there's an entire thread devoted to this topic; as you were the last person to post about it, normally we would just combine the two posts, but because this would make the thread disappear off the front page we will leave them separate for the moment so you might see this note. [Now moved]
Normally we frown ( >:-/ <- a moderator, frowning) at bumping up posts, but will assume that this was a genuine case of you having forgotten you'd posted before...
The Long-memoried Tintinologist Team
#30 · Posted: 21 Mar 2016 22:38
One of the songs used in the French trailer for The Secret of the Unicorn really stands out for me as capturing the youthful, adventurous, and mysterious tone of the books. It's an instrumental piece of music by a company called "Immediate Music" called "Down the Rabbit Hole." When I hear it, I can picture Tintin running down a cobblestoned street, with Snowy at his side, his trench coat trailing behind him.

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