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Hergé: facial hair is a recurring theme

#1 · Posted: 19 Sep 2004 02:39 · Edited by: Jyrki21
I was thinking about this recently... why the obsession with facial hair among Hergé's characters? Was this representative of Belgian society in the time period when the adventures were drawn? We know Herge himself was clean-shaved, and most of his collaborators appear to have been too. Was this some kind of inside joke?

Because if you think about it, aside from Tintin himself, you pretty much have facial hair on every one of:

The Main Characters (Haddock, Calculus, Thom(p)sons, Wagg, etc.)

The Repeating Characters (Wagner, Mr. Cutts, Alcazar, etc.)

The Villains (Rastapopoulos, Müller, Jorgen, Dawson, Ramon and Alonzo, Tapioca, etc., with Allan and the early Sponsz being the obvious exceptions)

One-timers (Zloty, Sarcophagus, Chester, Wolff, Tarragon)

The Extraneous Characters (the scientists aboard the Aurora, the explorers of the Sanders-Hardiman expedition)

Did Hergé just love to draw moustaches and beards that much? :)
Harrock n roll
#2 · Posted: 19 Sep 2004 17:11
Jyrki wondered:
Did Herge just love to draw moustaches and beards that much?

I think yes, facial hair is a recurring theme in Hergé's work! The whiskers of Kurvi-tasch, the scene in The Broken Ear where Ramon and Alonzo hoist an old man up by his beard, Tintin attempting to pull off Professor Alembic's beard and the Captain setting light to his own whiskers or having them eaten by a lama, the policeman in Quick & Flupke, etc, etc.

Moustaches were certainly more popular in the 30’s (you only have to look at old photos from the time, especially of those in authority like higher-ranking military and police). I think they also add a touch of comic value in caricature and Hergé obviously enjoyed drawing them, right up until Alph-art.

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