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The “Archives Hergé” series

#1 · Posted: 26 Sep 2004 09:14 · Edited by: jock123
Having been slightly surprised that the “Chronologie” books are not incorporating the entire artwork of the individual albums and Hergé’s other strips, I am wondering if the “Archives” volumes contain material which is not otherwise available. However, they do seem to cover much of the material which will come out in the facsimiles.

My questions are, are they indispensible, and would I have to get all four “archives”, or would volumes one and three (for example) suffice? Can anyone do a rundown of what each volume contains? Many thanks.
Belgium Correspondent
#2 · Posted: 26 Sep 2004 21:41
Chronologie d'une oeuvre and the Archives Hergé do not have the same purpose.
The first tries to explain Hergé's way of work and the evolution of his work. The Archives Hergé give a larger audience access to the black-and-white versions of the early Tintin stories, and other early work.

But you're right, if you have facsimiles, you don't need to buy all the Archives Hergé volume.

the contents of each of the four volumes is as follows:

Archives Hergé Volume 1: Totor and Tintin au pays des Soviets, Tintin au Congo, Tintin en Amerique [Totor was previously republished in the Rombaldi series; Soviets is complete with the missing page!!)]
Archives Hergé Volume 2: Quick et Flupke, Amiable M. Mops
Archives Hergé Volume 3: Les Cigars du Pharaon, Le Lotus Bleu, L'Oreille Casée
Archives Hergé Volume 4: L'Île Noir, Le Sceptre d'Ottokar, Le Crabe aux Pinces d'Or

I would suggest that you buy Volumes 1 and 2. The problem will probably be to find them!
#3 · Posted: 26 Sep 2004 22:52
Thanks for that, Chevet. It more or less confirmed what I had guessed. My surprise at the “Chronologie” was only because I saw pre-publicity where the Fondation was seeking submissions from collectors of any early material which might have been lost from the archives; this seemed to suggest that the “Chronologie” was to be a comprehensive collection of all available material. However, it is a feast of fascinating material as it stands, so it is not a disappointment.

I am now puzzling as to where I saw Totor, as I don’t have either the “Archive” or the Rombaldi series. Would have been in the “Monde de Hergé” book? I have that at home in Scotland so I can’t look and see...

Anyway, I’ll keep my eye out for them.

At the risk of becoming repetitive, what all were in the “Rombaldi” series? I have only seen one complete set for sale, in Dutch, which is a language I cannot read, and I didn’t have the time to take a proper look, but I did see that “Alph-Art” was included, as was a volume containing miniature facsimiles.
#4 · Posted: 27 Sep 2004 17:49
Totor appeared at the Tintin at Sea exhibition, but I've never actually seen it anyplace else.

#5 · Posted: 28 Sep 2004 00:11
jockosjungle noted:
Totor appeared at the Tintin at Sea exhibition

Thanks for the reminder on that; yes he did, and I had forgotten.However, I am sure I have at least a sequence of Totor strips, if not the entire thing, in a book somewhere, and my guess is it might be the French book by Benoît Peeters, Le Monde d’Hergé.
Big Ren
#6 · Posted: 28 Sep 2004 22:06
jock123, there's no Totor in the English version of Le Monde d'Hergé. Perhaps it's in Hergé and Tintin, Reporters?
#7 · Posted: 29 Sep 2004 00:11
Thanks, Ren, but I’m fairly certain that I don’t have the Hergé and Tintin, Reporters book.

I’ve got the French version of the Monde, not the English one, and as a result I have never done a side-by-side comparison; however, given that the French one is as thick as a phone book, and the English one isn’t, I think that quite a lot of material was left out.

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