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Your Favourite "Tintin" Books?

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#91 · Posted: 17 Oct 2017 20:34
If we consider the two-part-adventures to be whole single adventures, then my Top 10 would be like this:

01 Castafiore Emerald
02 Tintin in Tibet
03 Cigars/Blue Lotus
04 Destination/Explorers on the Moon
05 Unicorn/Red Rackham
06 Tintin and the Picaros
07 Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun
08 King Ottokar's Sceptre
09 Red Sea Sharks
10 Flight 714

I like the more modern ones immensely, although one can't deny how good the two-part-adventures also are.
#92 · Posted: 3 Dec 2017 11:22
Unicorn was the first I read, and it is still my favourite, probably followed by Red Rackham. I read Red Rackham several years after I read Unicorn, but it is a nice continuation of Unicorn. Next on the list are probably Prisoners of the Sun and Seven Crystal Balls.
#93 · Posted: 21 Dec 2017 18:14 · Edited by: Moderator
My very favourite Tintin is the b&w facsimile of "Cigars of the Pharaoh": I love it!!!
Then "The Seven Crystal Balls" - it's like a detective novel!
Then "The Crab with the Golden Claws".
#94 · Posted: 29 Dec 2017 08:22
My favorite is The Shooting Star, with Land of Black Gold just behind
#95 · Posted: 30 Dec 2017 06:34 · Edited by: snowybella
My top three (best to good):

1. The Shooting Star. Not for any particular reason, but I think my favourite character Snowy is at his best here! I have a postcard of the book's cover, which I keep at the "exploding mushroom" scene for use when rereading it.

2. The Broken Ear. It's the first Tintin book I read, and so naturally I have a soft spot for it.

3. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets(!). It's my third favourite for an unknown reason, to the point of getting the new calendar with the illustrations in it...

The other Tintin books that are high on the list are:

4. Cigars of the Pharaoh facsimile. Ever since I read it for the first time, I've never looked at the colour edition since.

5. King Ottokar's Sceptre.

Lastly, 6. Lake of Sharks(!). After having reread it recently, I don't really think that it deserves a -10,000 on a "List of Favourite Tintin Books by Points" thread...
Prof Schwarzschild Calculus
#96 · Posted: 9 Mar 2018 16:24
Please forgive me for exceeding the limit , but here goes :
1.The Calculus Affair
2.The Red Sea Sharks
3.The Seven Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun
4.Cigars of the Pharaoh/The Blue Lotus
5.The Black Island
6.Destination Moon/Explorers on the Moon
7.Tintin in Tibet
8.King Ottokar's Sceptre
9.Tintin and the Picaros
10.Flight 714
11.Land of Black Gold
#97 · Posted: 6 May 2018 02:17
1. Tintin and the Picaros
2. Tintin in Tibet
3. King Ottokar's Sceptre

Emmm, perhaps it's kind of uncommon to put Picaros on the top of the list, but to me, I think it's the most complex Tintin story, from which I discovered a more realistic and mature Tintin.
Tintin in Tibet, I was deeply moved by Tintin's strong will and the friendship. While reading, I kept asking myself whether I can do the same as Tintin did in that situation. Then I found how great Tintin is.
As for King Ottokar's Sceptre, I am impressed by the country Syldavia, and strongly believed that the country do exist somewhere for many years.

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