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Hergé cameos in the album [Locked]

#1 · Posted: 18 Jan 2012 04:46 · Edited by: Moderator
I've searched all over the forum, from Tintin books to this forum, and I found no thread that discuss Hergé cameos in the albums. So I think, by starting one, I can find out which albums he shows up as a cameo.

This far, I've found his cameo in the Broken Ear and The Calculus Affair. In the Broken Ear, he is found at the museum, also visiting the exhibited statues. While in The Calculus Affair, he is found at the front of Marlinspike Hall, smoking through a pipe and drawing on the drawing board.

Aside from those two albums, have you ever found Hergé cameo in other album?

Moderator Note: Actually there’s already quite a lot of information; were you just browsing through the threads, or did you use the forum seach link, to be found top right of the page?
Put “cameo” into that, and it finds several threads with it in the title, including:

Tintin Books: People who make cameo appearances?
King Ottokar's Sceptre: The cameos in the book

You can also search content and find more, about Hergé and other people making appearances.

Add to this the Special Cameos in Tintin Books guide page, and there’s quite a lot to be going on with.

In order to prevent too much duplication, this thread will be locked.

The Tintinologist Team

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