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Tintin 3-in-1 books: love them or hate them?

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#31 · Posted: 20 Jul 2007 00:53
I agree with harishankar. The only problem is that you can't see the cover detail very well.
#32 · Posted: 22 Jul 2007 17:09
I guess there are pros and cons. They are great if you are on a budget, £7 for 3 stories and in hardback too represents terrific value for money. Also if space is an issue then that's another selling point. As has already been said if you want to read on the go (or in bed!) then they are much more handy and a lot less unwieldy.

I'm fortunate that I have very good vision and for me I don't think the detail diminishes significantly enough to put me off them. Although that's not to say I wouldn't rather have the full sized albums as nothing beats them.

I wonder why they never did this with the Asterix books.
UK Correspondent
#33 · Posted: 22 Jul 2007 23:43
I wonder why they never did this with the Asterix books.

They did at least once; I have a paperback three-in-one featuring Asterix the Gaul, Asterix in Spain and Asterix in Britain. It's very small and not very well printed - Tintin got the better treatment by far!
#34 · Posted: 23 Jul 2007 08:47
My entire collection is in 3 in 1 books. Not only do they give good value for money (I got all 7 for 125 $) but are also easier to store when there are space constraints. But for a true collector I do not think anything but the original would do.

Also I did not have much of a problem with text size but maybe thats because I have read it quite a few times in that size.
Bordurian Thug
#35 · Posted: 16 Jul 2008 19:26 · Edited by: Bordurian Thug
I was just about to buy all eight of these but having read some of the comments, I think I'll go and examine them in a bookshop before I do so. I like the idea of having them all close at hand and compact, like if your favourite band brings out a singles box set (although in an age of downloads, that is probably terribly old-fashioned). This may be heresy but all of my Tintin albums are in the attic at the moment because I don't have the necessary space to accommodate them.

*edit* Just been down the pub and it's impulse buy time. What can you buy with seventy pounds anyway?
#36 · Posted: 17 Jul 2008 11:19
Economically-wise, I prefer the 3-in-1 Tintin books. In the Philippines, a paperback single costs Php395 (x 3= Php1,185) while the 3-in-1 is Php699. Now that's Php486 less.

They got the same Hergénistic style anyway.
Mr Blumenstein
#37 · Posted: 29 Jul 2008 16:20
For ages the only Copy of castafiore emerald that I had was from a 3in1 but I got it in full size eventually. There really hard to read is the main critisicm i'd give them.
Bordurian Thug
#38 · Posted: 29 Jul 2008 23:17 · Edited by: Bordurian Thug
Having had the books for a week now I'm a fan. Okay, you can't beat the full-size albums but for somebody like me who hasn't read the stories for ages because they're all in the attic, it's fantastic to have them close at hand again. They really do take up so little space!
#39 · Posted: 31 Aug 2008 04:40
For traveling I would take the 3 in 1, greater concentration! and greater convenience. But I will always have good memories of the singles, so for nostalgic purposes I'll stick to them
#40 · Posted: 5 Oct 2008 16:45
My collection is made up of three in ones. It's cheaper to buy them this way and the paper is nice. I haven't found the small size that much of an issue.

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