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Roger Y. Pelton: Modern day Tintin

#1 · Posted: 21 Dec 2004 15:44 · Edited by: Moderator
Has anyone here heard of Roger Young Pelton? - his most notable book is "The World's Most Dangerous Places". If anyone comes close to the "tintin" model, its this guy.
Hes been to just about every place on earth, through every conflict, interacted with the shadiest characters around, rebel groups, dictators.
This guy's idea of fun is hangin around mine infested - disputed borders of third world countries. You name it, hes done it.
Currently, he writes for national geo adventure magazine on tips about taking care of yourself in your risky travels.

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As to Pelton - check out the title under Amazon for more info - he's a traveler/adventurer - not really a journalist in the traditional sense, but contributes to adventure and travel magazines - he seems to have been to every hotspot in the last 20 years, rubbing shoulders with the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly and making it out alive -in a nutshell, he's the ultimate Guide. If I ever found myself in a 3rd world country with no communication, suffering from Amebiasis, staring down the barrel of an AK-47 held by a child soldier (forgive the stereotype) I would want this guy with me...

then theres James Nachtway (formerly of Magnum and Black Star photo agencies) and now of "VII" whos considered by many to be THE best war (or anti-war) photographer working today. his DVD, "war Photographer" is on Amazon also.

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