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The world of Tintin in WWII

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#11 · Posted: 30 Dec 2004 23:46 · Edited by: thmthm
Just to add to the confusion!
This is from the Tintin Pocket Essentials book:
"Syldavia (presumably) of King MuskarXII... (which decorated Tintin as a hero, and welcomed Calculus for the Moon project), is now portrayed as a criminal state, capable of threatening Tintin and violently kidnapping Calculus - as if he had to be forced to return to Syldavia! This sudden change in Syldavian methods and politics is unexplained..."
#12 · Posted: 4 Jan 2005 12:46 · Edited by: Moderator
This sudden change in Syldavian methods and politics is unexplained

I suppose we must guess that the communists have taken hold of Syldavia and is indeed behind the Iron curtain. In a way Tintin has come up against the commies again as he did in 'Land of the Soviets'.

With Hergé's attention to detail of political events (and real life political events and terrorist attacks - The Manchurian Railway), you would think that he would have liked to have kept closely to the reality of real world events in other adventures?

Moderator Note: As far as can be told, it was the exact opposite. Hergé sought to distance the books from real-world events, politics, and geography (going so far as to reduce the references to Brussels and its surroundings), to avoid the books becoming dated and rooted to a specific era with which his readers would be unfamiliar. He used the trappings and structure of politics as something to hang his stories on, but it is incidental, not central, to the plots, and merely a stage for adventure. The skill with which he keeps the politics of Cold War Borduria and Syldavia completely undefined (Communist? Fascist? Who can say?) in The Calculus Affair is a primary example of his skill as a story teller.

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