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Tintin books: continuity in the English books

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#11 · Posted: 19 Mar 2005 23:39
That's not quite so unforgivable. The relationship between our heroes is well-known, following all the derring-do with drug rings, treasure hunts and so on.

As Tintin strikes me as the sort who would keep in regular touch with friends, even ones he wasn't all that close to (like Alcazar in this example), he may well have sent him press clippings, or written to him.
Kurvi Tasch
#12 · Posted: 25 Mar 2005 21:43
My little theory on all this is that it all happened at the same time, if you get my drift. There was no "before or after," because they are all inter-existing. Just a crazy idea from a crazy guy.

-- SS
#13 · Posted: 29 Mar 2005 02:59
Trust me Herege knew what was happening but did not translate them into English. The Destination Moon in Cigars episode and all others mentioned do not have to be overanalyized. Everytime something was reworked I do not think all the neccesary changes were made in other volumes without having to redo every other one to make them continous.

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