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Tintin or Haddock: What question would you ask them?

#1 · Posted: 14 Oct 2014 18:09 · Edited by: Moderator
Hi Tintin lovers !
I know how all of you have thousands of questions to ask about Tintin.
[Content removed]

Moderator Note:
We welcome your enthusiasm, tintinlover, but it's just not practical to run a thread the way you suggest; secondly, making statements in the "voice" of Tintin is, to all intents and purposes "fan-fic", which we don't allow for copyright reasons.
However, we will allow a modified version of your idea to the extent that members can suggest what they would ask, were they to be able to ask Tintin and Haddock (or any other character from the series) a question.

So, what would you ask?

The Tintinologist Team
#2 · Posted: 17 Oct 2014 19:37
If I could ask Tintin, I'd ask him what he would have done to remove corruption from the world in this century.
And as for Captain Haddock, I'd ask him what he did after "Tintin and the Picaros", that's if he was able to live without his beloved Loch Lomond.
#3 · Posted: 19 May 2016 22:06 · Edited by: Karaboudjan
I'd ask Tintin how he and Snowy found each other. Buying him seems so boring and ordinary!

Similarly, I'd like to know how the Captain came to work with Allan. Considering he's normally quite a shrewd judge of character - he quickly clocks the Thompsons for the idiots they are - it seems odd he was so wrong. Unless he was blind drunk the entire time, which is perfectly possible.

Speaking of the Thompsons, how on earth did they get made detectives in the first place? They have a formidable international reputation despite their antics - Tintin's doing? Though of course I'd put it more politely than that.

I'd also ask Alcazar what he and Peggy see in each other. Herge is supposed to have said she was the daughter of Basil Bazarov the arms dealer, which makes a twisted kind of sense, and they met in a music hall - possibly when he was doing his knife throwing act? Even desperation wouldn't explain marriage to such a harpy!
#4 · Posted: 20 May 2016 02:01
I'd ask Tintin about his parents!? Whatever happened to them? How did they raise him--- or not raise him--- to make him who he was?
#5 · Posted: 25 Sep 2016 02:13
I would ask Tintin if he looks up to Sherlock Holmes, because they are kind of similar! They are both detectives with thousands of skills and are masters of disguise. I would also ask Tintin how he became a reporter.
I'd ask Professor Calculus what he thinks of time travel. Maybe he would've invented a Delorean!

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